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Salutations and a few word nuggets

by Cimoje#2176

Greetings brothers and sisters!

My name is Cimoje and I will be posting mostly in lore, story, books and similar threads, but I’d like to take this chance to say a little about myself and the upcoming season 17.

My Diablo career started back in ’97 with the original Diablo, and of course, in time Diablo 2, LoD, and Diablo 3. I’m a fan of ARPG games but I’m fan of Diablo foremost as a franchise. Up to little over two years ago I played for 5+ hours a day and I was current in all the changes and theory crafting for every class, but realities of life like a steady job, my wonderful wife and son made me cut back on time spent on Diablo, and I had to trim my focus down to Necromancer (best class ever :) ) and of course the lore and story. I still follow all the news and changes and play every season with at least one character but since I don’t spend that much time on the game in general I don’t feel my opinions on topics other than those I mentioned are relevant or thoroughly researched so I’ll keep my focus and my posts where they belong.

Season 17 and changes brought on with patch 2.6.5 feel like a jolt of life to D3 and I feel that LoN season brings that change most D3 players always wanted, not to be tied to certain set(s) but rather the flexibility and freedom of choice that his buff provides. After generally positive feedback from previous season 16 I believe the devs have finally tuned in to what players want and they are sort of granting wishes for this game that will soon become obsolete once Diablo 4 comes out, and it will come out you can’t convince me otherwise J. Buffs that were given to every tier and a lot of legendary items tell me that devs want to see more diversity in the leaderboards and naturally that makes the game more alive and more playable. I am super excited for Necro changes and the rise of Blood Nova, I think every change was smart and well thought out and it’s going to be so much fun to play, and I look forward to hear from my fellow players your thoughts.

That will be all from me at least from now, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be an active part of this community and I look forward to discuss all the wonderful and horrifying story elements of this great universe we share, catch you later!