Diablo Community: Suggest Diablo III Build Tool Features

by medievaldragon

As stated earlier, 3Di (phpBB Studio) is currently developing the Diablo III Class Builds Tool for this website. He estimates the tool will be ready by Mid-May 2019.

Diablo III Build Tool: Is there something in the Diablofans "Create Build" or "Builds" section that you would want to see here at ?

Is there something Diablofans didn't have that you would like? Feel free to make suggestions or to petition a feature.

Diablo II: Remastered: Once Warcraft III: Reforged goes live, it is clear Diablo II is next -- unless it is been in development already in secrecy by one of those Multiple Diablo Projects teams. But why wait until Diablo II: Remastered goes live?

CarlX is possibly going to develop the Diablo II Class Build tool for WorldofSanctuary. What feature would you want us to make for you? Please, be extensive and detailed. Want to share photoshop mockups? You are welcome to do that. We'll listen.

Wish to donate to help me cover the costs of these tools' development? Send it to or contribute monthly via Patreon.