StarCraft II 4.6.2 Patch Notes

The latest StarCraft II Patch 4.6.2 introduces the BlizzCon 2018 cosmetic Classic skins for the SCV, Probe, and Drone. Those …read more

StarCraft Patch 1.22.1

The Classic StarCraft game has been updated to Patch 1.22.1 which updated the map pool, and ranked rewards. FEATURES …read more

StarCraft II Patch 4.6.1

StarCraft II Patch 4.6.1 addresses Co-op and VS hotfixes (including Han & Horner, and Tychus), and adds a new commemorative …read more

StarCraft II Patch 4.5.1

A new patch was deployed today for StarCraft II to fix minor UI and cosmetic bugs. GENERAL New weekly Mutations …read more

StarCraft Volume 1: Scavengers

Blizzard Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics teamed together to publish StarCraft Volume 1: Scavengers by Jody Houser (writer) and Gabriel …read more

StarCraft II Patch 4.3.2

Blizzard Entertainment just deployed a small patch addressing a couple of bug fixes. No balance at this time. This patch …read more

StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.21.5

Blizzard Entertainment deployed StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.21.5 introducing a new Frontier League Map pool with two ASL Season 5 maps, …read more