Diablo III Quests & NPC Dialogues

Over the past weeks, I have been updating a new project. I am transcribing the core quests of Diablo III through Act 1-6. Core quests NPC/Followers/Artisan dialogues per quest Lore Gameplay video (only quests/dialogues) Over 1000 screenshots A very time-consuming project, and that’s only from the Necromancer’s point of view, with the Templar follower. Over… Continue reading Diablo III Quests & NPC Dialogues

Diablo GOG Hotfix 1.09v6

Today, March 28, GOG updated Diablo with internal hotfix 1.09v6. Added a separate upscaling option without forced aspect ratio.Removed Administrator flags …read more

Samsung Galaxy S10 Unveiled

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Diablo III 2.6.4 Patch Notes

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The Art of Diablo

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Loot Goblin amiibo Now Available

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