WWI Teaser - Day Three

In today’s teaser image there are a few new updates: The master.CSS] file added the word: Icy.

Now the three words on the CSS file are: Tundra, Cavern, Icy.  Frozen Tundra, Drifter Cavern and Icy Cellar.  All names could still be referring to Act5 areas. Icy cellar is the second area that you can access from the Ancients’ Way (the first being the Summit)—according to forsinain and DeepFreez.

The new hidden image shown in the CSS file is now looking like a penguin. I merged the three images. The mystery image today was titled 23.jpg—in the alphabet that corresponds to the letter “W”.  Now we were trailed off completely.  The previous sequences were interpreted as a D, an I and an O from Diablo.  A letter W wouldn’t make sense with only three days left. Unless it meant World of Diablo Online, but two letter or three remain to be released probably.  Could the numbers instead refer to Diablo runes?

The new splash teaser shows clearly now that the ice is melting.  At the center you can see chunks of ice falling off and a lot of vapor—typical of ice being melted down from intense heat.  On the lower left of the center you can now see a new rune inside a circle.  This is the Akilae Tribe symbol in Starcraft 2.  Each of the runes represent one of Blizzard games: The first rune was indeed from Frostmourne representing World of Warcraft.  The second rune was the Hel Rune from Diablo II.  Now the third rune represents the Protoss Tribe from Starcraft II. (Thanks, Lavarinth)

At this rate, two more runes corresponding for Thursday (12am) and Friday (12am) remain.  The positioning of these runes seem to be forming a pentagram.  Unless Saturday 12am is still going to show a six rune.  But that most likely would be a central rune.

The question is … what are the next two runes going to represent?  Which games?

A little birdie from inside—and I know the source somewhat—told me today something about Blackthorne.  Remember a few months ago when I reported Blackthorne trademark had been updated?  Seems there might be two game announcements after all—simple speculation.

A GAME ANNOUNCEMENT has been Confirmed! Rob Pardo told GameIndustry.biz at the GDC the following:

“So you want me to announce the game before our announcement?” he said. “No offense, but I think there’s like 300 people here, and I’ll be ripped apart by 8000 people there [at the Invitational] if I pre-announce it – but it’s going to be really exciting. I think everybody here will be really excited about the announcement.”

4pm EST: Blizzplanet on the news over at IGN.

5pm EST: A fan submited his view on the letters/numbers of each hidden image of the CSS file. This is what he says:

“The Creature currently being revealed in the hidden pictures could actually be a hommage to:
Michael Dashow, Designer on Diablo 2.

1. : If you check his page, on the frontpage you clearly see a pink walrus, being his signature creature. In his art-forums, he is also known as “walrus”.

2. : The only Letters we currently get from the picture-names are D, O and W. While they may not resemble “DIABLO”, with an additional 3 letters they may clearly resemble “DASHOW”

That sounds logical. As a tribute to the Diablo II artist—Thanks, Kashydan (Germany).

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