World of Warcraft ruined a student’s life … literally

A chinese student who met a married woman on a gathering of World of Warcraft enthusiasts has been hunted for months by enraged people after the husband of the woman caught them up having a relationship. The husband posted his real name on public boards asking everyone who knows this guy to virtually ruin his life until he shows a sign of repentance for messing with his cheating wife. Everyone knows World of Warcraft is addictive, but this gotta be the most amazing story where socialization with World of Warcraft players can ruin your life … literally.

A fan named Michel wrote a very truthful comment toward this whole unfortuned incident, to which I have to agree. My apologies to those who may feel offended. Through the length of this page, you will know what I meant with the title above.

“Morality in China: World of Warcraft ruined a student’s life … literally”, a title that could be misleading, but is what some fans with forum-troll qualities would think out of the article. This is what Michel says:

“Immorality is to ruin the life of one person because he mess up with the married woman.

World of Warcraft cannot ruin life (it’s a game, a software);  but other people , by pure hate, can do. It seems these people can kill another one and his family for whatever reason they get. Scary. In the end, the game never ruins the life, but the mad insane players … yes. The student shouldn’t meet a maried woman, okay, but it’s not enough harm for UNKNOWN people comes to hate him. THAT’s immorality. These persons are hateful.”

Cnet News: “Impassioned people teamed up to uncover the student’s address and telephone number, both of which were then posted online. Soon, people eager to denounce him showed up at his university and at his parents’ house, forcing him to drop out of school and barricade himself with his family in their home.

Others denounced the university for not expelling him, with one poster saying it should be “bombed by Iranian missiles.” Many others said the student should be beaten or beheaded, or that he and the married woman should be put in a “pig cage” and drowned.” – (Digg)


By Medievaldragon

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