World of Warcraft - Medivh is Alive

I have read in some forum communities including the official forums some fans constantly say Medivh is dead. And refering to Medivh (known as the Prophet) in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos as a ghost of Medivh.  However, this is wrong.

Medivh is alive and could show up in World of Warcraft at any time.  The questions to ponder are: Will we fight Medivh as a dungeon boss; or will Medivh fight alongside us against Kil’jaeden or Sargeras as an NPC?  As a Dungeon Boss, if we fought Medivh we don’t necessarily have to kill him.  Example of this is Underbog, where we fight a druid in bear form, and when he reaches 25% health he reverts back to his original form, becoming friendly.  In defeating Medivh, if such a feat is possible, he could reward us taking loot from a chest. It would certainly be cool to fight Medivh.  Maybe a battle orchestrated to test our mettle and bravery.  Proving ourselves worth to battle Sargeras himself or an Old god.  Whether as ally NPC or whether as dungeon boss, an encounter with Medivh, of course, is an event to not happen any time soon.  Blizzard has planned many expansion packs.

According to Chris Metzen, in BlizzCon 2005, there are at least seven worlds accessible through Outland’s rifts created by Ner’zhul twenty years ago.  Then there is Northrend and the South Seas. The Elemental Plane.  Nevertheless, at some point, Medivh will show up very alive in World of Warcraft. 

Medivh is alive, and his return to life is revealed in the Warcraft novels (pocketbooks).  Did you miss reading it?

If you aren’t sensitive to spoilers, and if you dare to risk, read further details

By Medievaldragon

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