World of Warcraft: Lands of Mystery - Content List

Uncover Warcraft’s Secrets

Battle across the unexplored continent of Kalimdor. Unearth dead civilizations in chilling Northrend. Hunt evils in the jungles of the Echo Isles. A world of adventure awaits!

A Sourcebook for World of Warcraft: The Role-Playing Game

  • Explores the regions of Kalimdor, Northrend, the Echo Isles, Undermine, and other uncharted regions in Azeroth, from inhabitants to geography to key individuals.
  • New prestige classes (including the South Seas buccaneer), new feats, new monsters, and new magic items appeal to all Warcraft players.
  • Three adventures set in the lands of mystery make this a great game master resource.
  • Designed with extensive input from the creative minds behind Blizzard’s best-selling World of Warcraft computer game and chock full of lore for fans of the online game.

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules and the d20 System.

192 page hardcover


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Credits 1
Legal Information 2
Introduction 4
Chapter 1: Northern Kalimdor 6
Ashenvale 7
Azshara 9
Darkshore 11
Felwood 13
Hyjal Summit 17
Moonglade 18
Teldrassil 20
Winterspring 23
Chapter 2: Central Kalimdor 27
The Barrens 27
Desolace 31
Durotar 34
Dustwallow Marsh 37
Mulgore 39
Orgrimmar 41
Stonetalon Mountains 44
Thunder Bluff 46
Chapter 3: Southern Kalimdor 49
Feralas 50
Silithus 53
Tanaris 56
Thousand Needles 60
Un?Goro Crater 63
Chapter 4: The South Seas 66
The Broken Isles 67
The Eye 70
Isle of Kezan 74
Plunder Isle 79
Zandalar 80
Chapter 5: Northrend 84
Azjol-Nerub 88
The Borean Tundra 92
Coldarra 95
Crystalsong Forest 97
The Dragonblight 99
Grizzly Hills 101
Howling Fjord 104
Icecrown Glacier 106
The Stormpeaks 109
Zul?Drak 111
Chapter 6: Civilizations 114
The Blue Dragonflight 114
Magnataur 125
Murlocs 132
Nerubians 141
Chapter 7: Adventures 150
Off to the Races 150
Ghost Ship 160
Troll Meat 170
Chapter 8: Organizations 179
The Bloodsail Buccaneers 179
The Burning Blade 182
Druids of the Fang 184
The Scourge 186
Chapter 9: New Rules 192
Prestige Classes 192
Buccaneer 192
Holy Strider 195
Techno Mage 198
Feats 202
Magic Items 205
Steam Armor and Equipment 206
Special Material 207
Spells 207
Table 6-1: The Blue Wyrmkin 120
Table 6-2: The Murloc 138
Table 9-1: The Buccaneer (Buc) 194
Table 9-2: The Holy Strider (Hst) 197
Table 9-3: The Techno Mage (Tmg) 201

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