World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Black Temple Public Test 2.1.0

If you just installed the Public Test Server client, or you are about to do so, know that you must be honored with the Violet Eye. You gain reputation by playing in Karazhan.

If you meet that first requirement, your first task to enter Black Temple is to go to Shattrath City, by the Terrace of Light.  You will find an NPC named Johnny McWeaksauce. He will sell the Medallion of Karabor—which you need to be attuned for the Black Temple – and a box.

The boxes are tagged by class, pick yours.  What lies within is the Tier 5 armor set and extra necklace, trinkets and rings Tier 5.  Once you got the Medallion of Karabor and the Tier 5 box, go to your faction: Aldor or Scryer.

The Tier 5 vendor is located at the Shrine of Unending Light in the Aldor Rise or at the Scryer Tier where you turn in your Arcane Tomes.

Once you have geared yourself, fly to the Black Temple.  Go further inside the main entrance. You will see Xi’ri the naaru, and beyond him you will see a Dreadlord and three purple-hued demonic portals. The zone-in is located by the right-wall just beyond those three portals.

The Black Temple dungeon will offer players a very challenging battle.  Like Illidan said: “You are not prepared!” When entering the dungeon, at least on Public Test Realm (patch 2.1.0), you are greeted by Rulkster.  A 10-feet tall human NPC shirtless, wearing trousers.  He is bald on the top with long blonde hair on the sides. Yes, it is Hulkmania Hulk Hogan the Hulkster, brotha!  He sells reagents, repairs, flasks and mana/health consumables.

Walking up the sewer tunnel, you will see packs of two mini-water elementals patrolling back and forth large distances.  These are there to intercept any intruders that wander around solo.

Make sure to kill these before pulling any bigger mobs such as two Naga Coilskar Sea Callers (Siren) and a Aqueous Lord.  These go up and down the ramps connecting rooms.  You can bypass them by walking along the sides, with no aggro.  Except you should take care of the mini-water elementals which do patrol up and down the ramp-sides.

The first two rooms have groups of at least three mobs: Two Coilskar Generals, a female Soothsayer and an Aqueous Lord; or a combination of two Coilskar Wranglers and a massive Hydra.  The Hydras spit poison and it does around 1,000 damage per tick.

Once you reach the third level up the ramps you will find a room packed with mobs and the first boss.

Take out any patrols of mini-water elementals.  The pack before the boss event is insane however.  Prepare to battle at least 5-6 mobs linked together.  Two Coilskar Generals, two Coilskar Harpooners and two Dragon Turtle pets. The Coilskar Harpooner launches around 4-6 harpoons machinegun-style in a cone-range (AOE), and spams it often. Mages are able to sheep them. However, make sure those two mages spam sheep and only do that until some of the mobs are dead. No joke. A mage let them loose 2 seconds … surely a third of the raid gets wiped. It seems the Generals somehow break sheep with dispell.

The first boss, High Warlord Naj’entus shows signs that Naga might be mutating.  His skin is redish like that of the fel orcs.  His face and right arm have developed a crustacean carapace.

On the left side of the room is a chamber with at least 8 mini-water elementals.  You will really need many sharp warlocks for this encounter ready to banish.  In that room full of elementals, you will find a pipe.  Go up the pipe and it takes you to the Black Temple yard.  There are Dragonmaw Wyrmcaller, Bonechewer Taskmasters, Bonechewer workers, Doomguards, Dragon Riders flying above the yard and landing sometimes, and Supremus—a massive blue infernal-variant boss.  More later. Watch the screenshots below and the short video showing you the boss animations.

By Medievaldragon

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