Warcraft RPG Books: Official and Canon

Eyonix has confirmed that all Warcraft RPG books and Novel pocketbooks are Official and Canon to the Warcraft Lore, in reply to a fan who bashed the Warcraft RPG books as senseless and irrelevant:

Giantorc@Hellscream: Many people seems to think the RPG book are a part of warcraft lore, but those book were written by author that had almost nothing to do with bliz, sure they based their books on warcraft but it still just their point of view on warcraft, it has nothing to do with the lore we see in the game. If its not in W1, W2, W3, WoW or the game manual its just not in warcraft lore. The books like ?lord of the clan? can be considered like a small part of warcraft lore since even if its not bliz who written those they had the last word on the publication and they gived to the author the basic scenario. But stop telling us part of the RPG books when you want to argue with someone, thats useless because the warcraft RPG books are not a part of warcraft lore.

Eyonix: “Any piece of literature authorized and licensed by Blizzard Entertainment is in-fact, official. The book series written by Richard A. Knaak in particular is an excellent example of real ‘Azerothian’ history and lore available outside of our game software. We work closely with authors that help us expand our game universe, and the information should be considered official.

I’m very sorry but your assumptions are not correct.”

Visit our Warcraft RPG Books and Warcraft Novel Books Sections.  The RPG Books are downloadable PDFs and are PC/Mac/Linux Compatible (Require Adobe Acrobat 7).

We recommend Lands of Conflict—narrated by Brann Bronzebeard, and Shadow & Light—describing the Emerald dream, Elemental Lords, the Nightmare, the Titans, Ancients, Dragon Aspects, Elemental Plane, Twisting Nether, Outland and many bios of heroes.

By Medievaldragon

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