UDE Announces New WoW Loot Cards

Upper Deck Entertainment Announces New Loot™ Cards for World of Warcraft®

Three New Loot™ Cards, Including An Epic Flying Rocket Mount, Available with

Servants of the Betrayer™ Expansion Set

It’s a Happy New Year for all World of Warcraft® players! Continuing the legacy started by the wildly popular Spectral Tiger from the sold-out Fires of Outland™ expansion, Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) today announced three new Loot™ Cards for its latest World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game Expansion, Servants of the Betrayer™. Arriving on store shelves in April, the Loot™ cards within the Servants of the Betrayer™ booster boxes are an epic X-51 Nether-Rocket flying mount, a Personalized Weather Maker, and a first-of-its-kind “Super-Common” Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuits. For more information, visit WoWTCG.com. 

UDE has done it again!

Previous releases of World of Warcraft® Loot™ cards have been highly sought after by both massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) participants and trading card game (TCG) players. With this latest release, UDE debuts the new “Super-Common” Loot™ Card, giving each player a significantly increased chance of finding these hot cards. In fact, most Servants of the Betrayer™ booster boxes are likely to have not just one, but two Loot™ Cards!   

UDE World of Warcraft ® TCG Loot™ Cards give players who receive them access to unique World of Warcraft® MMORPG in-game items. All Loot™ Cards can only be found through the UDE World of Warcraft® TCG.

How cool are they?

In a word, very.

Area 52 Loot™ for You!

The rarest of the three is also another first!  The “X-51 Nether-Rocket” is the first flying mount Loot™ Card! Straight from the goblin engineers of Area 52, this experimental one-man rocket mount will allow heroes to blast through the skies of Outland. Lucky players will be able to obtain their flying rocket mounts in the standard flying +60 percent speed increase version and the epic +280 percent speed increase version, with the appropriate riding skill. And remember all the attention the Spectral Tiger caught? You can only imagine the number of responses you’ll receive cruising around on an experimental goblin rocket.

A Storm is Coming!

The uncommonly lucky will enjoy all the pleasures of their very own weather system with the “Personalized Weather Maker.” This Loot™ Card creates random MMORPG weather effects when used, from sunbeams and blue skies, to thunder and lightning, even to snow!

Just like Grandpa used to make!

With the help of good-ole Papa Hummel and his Super-Common, soon-to-be-infamous “Papa Hummel’s Old Fashion Biscuits”, lucky Loot™ Card holders can increase the size of their cosmetic pet, making them comparable to the size of Hunter class pets! For TCG players, that means huge monster pets that no opponent is going to want to face. In the MMORPG world, players can soon have rampaging Murkies, King Kong Bananas and giant robotic chickens! Visit WoWTCG.com to hear from Papa Hummel himself!

For more information on these Loot™ Cards and other UDE World of Warcraft ® TCG details, visit WoWTCG.com.

In addition to showcasing three brand-new Loot™ cards, the Servants of the Betrayer™ booster will also introduce a brand new Hero card type – the Traitor Heroes.  With content that builds on the strategies begun in November’s March of the Legion™ expansion and a whopping 19 cards per pack, Servants of the Betrayer™ is the TCG release to beat in 2008!

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