Tempest Keep - High Astromancer Solarian Video

High Astromancer Solarian is a very delicate event that requires a lot of coordination to pull it right. All casters, rangers and healers must stack on the same spot by the edge of the golden ring.  The main tank must keep Solarian at the center of the ring.

The most important thing to watch in this battle is the debuff. Think of Molten Core: Baron Geddon’s debuff—“You are the bomb!”

The addon bigwig is helpful. It auto-assigns the skull symbol on top of the player’s head to alert he has the bomb.  Make sure to have chat bubbles turned on at your interface options tab. Raid leader must assign a spot where the “bomb marked” player should run to explode.  The explosion has around 20 yard radius and may cause half-raid to die.  Everyone caught in the explosion will be launched upwards.  The fall damage will kill you, if the explosion didn’t.

Healers: Set up a macro with the following data:

/target High Astromancer Solarian
/cast Flash of Light

If you are a priest, change Flash of Light to Renew.

Solarian will randomly cast arcane missiles at a single target player, one at a time.  This macro will help you keep the target alive automatically.  Solarian will teleport away from sight, and many mobs will come out.  Mages and Warlocks should go into AOE frenzy to try to kill them all as soon as possible.  Recommended that Paladins should stack near the mages/warlocks and cast consecration AOE with Righteous Fury to draw threat away from mages/warlocks.  Everyone else should focus healing on mages, warlocks and the paladins.

Before the mobs die, Solarian will teleport in with two priest NPCs that will heal her and probably some of the other NPCs.  Melee should stun or kick these priests to stop them from casting heal.  Kill them asap.  Right after Solarian teleports in however you will see everyone get hit by a beam of arcane magic.  The graphics look like moonfire – easy to notice.  Most of the time when you see this happen, one random player will be marked with the Skull—that means: YOU ARE THE BOMB!  Run to the designated spot, away from the raid.

The whole event is about coordination and watching out for the bomb debuff.  Rinse and repeat.  Once Solarian reaches 20% health, she will transform into a giant void walker.  After this, it is tank and spank.  Her damage on the main tank is very minimum.  Watch the video below:


By Medievaldragon

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