Starcraft II - MTV Video Interview

In this MTV video interview, Chris Metzen (VP Creative Development) describes the races of Starcraft II for people who hasn’t played the game. Mike Morhaime (Blizzard President) explains why Starcraft II was developed now and why it was announced at South Korea. Dustin Browder (Starcraft II Lead Game Designer) and Jungwon Hahn (Manager Director, Blizzard Korea) appear in the video, too.  The video is 3:15 minutes in length.

MTV was present at the recent unveiling of StarCraft II in Seoul, Korea, and captured the event for their website’s video game coverage. Watch their video of the announcement, featuring gameplay footage and interviews.

Chris Metzen: “Starcraft is a science-fiction universe.  Essentially, it is a story about three races in contention. You got the Terrans, there is a bunch of criminal exiles from Earth. And what’s happening recently in the continuity is two mighty alien forces have come in: the Zerg and the Protoss.  The Zerg are a nightmare, they are out to devour all life and to conquer the universe. The Protoss, on the other hand, they are kinda protectors of the universe. So they come to fight the Zerg back. And Humanity is kinda caught in the middle.”

Mike Morhaime: “We always intended to return to the Starcraft universe, and do a sequel, but we wanted to wait for the right time.  And we found that time is now.”

Dustin Browder: “The original Starcraft was made back in 1998, and the development team that made that game was very excited to get back to that universe.

… We got the Protoss Mothership.  This is a powerful weapon that you can use a number of special abilities to change the outcome in the battlefield.  We got the Protoss Stalker.  This is a new unit that can blink around the battlefield, and you can use this ability in a number of different ways.”

Mike Morhaime: “So we just announced Starcraft II in Korea, at the Worldwide Invitational, and we did it at Korea because Korea is sorta like the Online Gaming Capital of the world.”

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