Starcraft 2 Not Coming to PC

PCGamer interviewed Paul Sams, Blizzard VP of Business Operations, to discuss details of Starcraft 2. The official announcement of Starcraft 2 will be made at BlizzCon 2007, where fans will see the Cinematic intro premier.  Fans will be able to play hands-on at the gaming room of Anaheim Convention Center, California.

PCGamer got a sneak peek of Starcraft 2, which uses an advanced version of the Warcraft III Engine. However, Blizzard informed Starcraft 2 won’t be available on PC/Mac Computers.  Due to the great response and feedback from fans who played Starcraft: Ghost at E3 2005, and the innovative technology of recent console games, Starcraft 2 will be only available for Xbox and Wii.

The PCGamer February 29, 2007 Edition, shows screenshots of Blizzard Developers playing Starcraft 2 on Wii.  Basically, players just have to hold a button and move their Wii control diagonally and release the button to select several units. To make Tanks go into siege mode you have to stretch your arm forward with the Wii controller and shift your elbow and lower arm upwards in a 90 degree angle while holding down the square button.  You can micro more efficiently using the Wii controller than with the keyboard—according to Blizzard.

Start getting your tickets for BlizzCon 2007 to test it yourself!

1. If Starcraft 2 was Console only, why would PCGamer cover news of it?
2. Nethaera (Wow Community Manager) said there was no BlizzCon this year.
3. February 29 Edition?  February has only 28 days.
4. Has anyone ever seen an RTS game on Wii yet?

By Medievaldragon

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