Starcraft 2 - Hybrids Rumor

For the past two years I have been predicting Starcraft 2 after Dustin Browder joined Blizzard.  I predicted Starcraft 2 having a mmo-subscription—and that doesn’t mean mmorpg. If a subscription is placed, the way to justify it would be hack-free server-side gameplay.

Probably you can play single player and LAN free, while the MMO subscription component would allow e-sports support, new monthly content downloadable through the Blizzard Downloader/Patcher.

This of course is rumor. It is not real or official.  Just a prediction.  Note Blizzard has not wanted to discuss details of the multiplayer at this point. Whether it turns out true or not, it would be interesting and would add a new hope for Starcraft tournaments.


On another note, some friends have informed me of hidden hints in the Starcraft II artwork Trailer video.  The artwork shows a protoss-like chamber full of Zerg eggs placed on protoss technology pads that seem to connect to a Protoss Stasis Cell.  The creature within can’t be distinguished well—but the rumor is this is a hint of Hybrids.

Let’s study what Rob Pardo commented to IGN:

“One burning question that Rob Pardo was eager to squelch concerned the long-rumored fourth race (the Xel’Naga or the Zerg/Protoss hybrids hinted at in the first game). He stated in no uncertain terms that there will be no fourth race in StarCraft II. The game will contain the Human, Zerg and Protoss factions and the team is completely focused on getting them as asymmetric yet balanced as possible.”

Mapping the clever comments of Blizzard Public Relations and developers, I will make a prediction.  Remember when Blizzard was asked few years ago if they had started development of Starcraft 2?  Cleverly they said they had not started development and they wish to revisit the starcraft universe at some point in the future.

Trail off: Starcraft 2 has been in development since 2003, shortly after Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne release.

Remember when few weeks ago, Blizzard was asked if the game would be starcraft 2?  They said they had no announcements to make about Starcraft 2 at the present. Yet they announced Starcraft 2.  The art of Public Relations is very clever.  At “the present” simply meant not at that point.

Trail off: Starcraft 2 was unveiled on May 19 at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals on Seoul, South Korea.

Magicians create an illusion where you see them putting an object on their left hand, when the object really lies hidden on the right hand, away from the public view. If you take a close look at their right hand, they will hide their right hand behind them or quickly make a move into their pocket while your sight is on the left hand.

The Art of Public Relations, is to give limited info, certainty that the universe will be revisited, and … the magician act … diversion. Trailing off.

If you read the blockquote above, Rob Pardo said there wouldn’t be a fourth race in Starcraft 2.  That could just mean they can’t talk about it right now, and a fourth race will be announced later, nearing Closed Beta or Gold phase.  However, that could also mean a fourth race could be added on Starcraft 2 expansion pack. Just a rumor.

The Hybrids could also be treated like the Burning Legion in Warcraft 3 … a non-playable race as an invading force within the single player campaigns. Keep an eye on the magician’s hands.

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