Starcraft 2 Artistic Status and the Zerg

The Starcraft 2 Dev Team heard the community’s feedback from this past December Discussion topic: SC2 Art Direction.  They are now enhancing the artwork to meet the fans’ expectations.

Karune: We have a first pass done on a few levels, though there is still more tuning to do. You’ll be happy to know that Terran building art is being touched up as well.

Currently, we are mostly focusing on Zerg, so while art passes are being done on all of the levels in a reasonable amount of time, touching up the overall art will take more time.

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The Zerg

Browder: We are putting a lot of effort into the Zerg right now. I played 5 fun games on friday with them (1v1s). I lost 1 and won 4 (woot) but to be fair at this point I know who I am going to lose to who and who I am going to beat before the game begins because we have played each other so often. =P Also, some of the new Zerg stuff is way over-powered IMHO.

In terms of time, the Zerg still need some work. We understand you guys are anxious to see them. Best I can still say is “soon.” Sorry. =(

Resources Sharing

It is currently in the game but it is pretty troubled. We have not done a ton of balance testing with resource sharing as the focus, but we did do some before Blizzcon in the design group and we were able to do some pretty unpleasant things with it.

For example it was easy for some races (at the time Protoss) to focus on minerals-only units while feeding gas to another player (at the time Terran) so they could tech up more quickly and get access to some pretty rough gas-heavy units (at the time, Banshees) before the other team had a chance to be really prepared.

We’re reserving judgement on this until we get to really test it properly and see if we can come up with some solutions to make it workeable. But, if it can’t be fixed then it gets cut. Dustin Browder
Lead Designer – Starcraft II | Blizzard Entertainment

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High Templar Anti-Gravity

Cavez (Dustin Browder): Anti-Gravity works on all ground units as well as all buildings (barring “town-hall” buildings like the Command Center, Nexus, etc.).

It is obviously useful against Thors and other big-guy ground units. Not super-useful against lots of the smaller ground units since this spell is competing with Psi Storm for your energy and you would rather use Psi Storm against just about everything else (Anti-Grav is 50 energy at the moment).

It’s use against buildings is what is most interesting since it is so easy to block up a choke these days with buildings (especially Terran). But we shall see. We have been so focused on the Zerg that it hasn’t gotten all that much testing time yet.

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