Server Names Lore

Aggramar – Aggramar the Avenger: Vanir Titan of the Pantheon. Once Sargeras’ lieutenant, Aggramar took over Sargeras’ postition when his superior changes sides. Aggramar is now in charge of combatting the Burning Legion and eliminating demonic taint.

Alleria – Sister to Vereesa Windrunner and Sylvanas Windrunner, this Ranger of Quel’Thalas followed Turalyon into the twisting nether onto Draenor in an attempt to exterminate all of the Orcs. Alleria was a fabled Ranger for the Alliance during the Second War, but never realized fully just how dangerous the Orcs were until she saw the ruins of Quel’thalas, and searched for her family in what was left of it.

Alleria’s thirst for vengeance caused her to create a cadre of Rangers who was solely dedicating to hunting down any free Orc left in Azeroth and eradicate them. Alleria’s quest led her straight through the Dark Portal on the heels of Khadgar and the Bleeding Hollow Clan.

Alleria fought valiantly against the forces of Ner’zhul, but in the end, she knew the sacrifice she would have to make, and assisted in closing the Portal from Draenor, sacrificing her way home. Last heard, she was lost within the Twisting Nether.

Archimonde – An overlord of the Burning Legion. He is a very powerful Eredar warlock that lead the second invasion of the Burning Legion upon Azeroth. He was defeated by the combined forces of the Alliance, Night Elves, and the Horde at Mount Hyjal. His remains can still be seen at the world tree.

Argent Dawn – name of a neutral faction in modern day Azeroth who believes that the horde and alliance are not to be enemies, but allies in the fight against the Undead Scourge. The Argent Dawn is against undead, and will take undead into their ranks if they basically say, Yes, I consider my being undead a malady and I wouldn’t be if I didn’t have to be.

Arthas – Prince of Loerdaron, started taking drastic measures during fight against initial Scourge invasion of Lordaeron that turned many of his friends against him, including his mentor Uther. Followed the Scourge to Northrend, where he took Frostmourne to defeat them, unbeknownst to him getting the Lich King to take over his soul. He came back leading the Scourge, and took over Loerdaron. Later he returned the Northrend to defend the Lich King against Illidan’s attacks, whereupon he merged with the Lich King into one entity.

Azgalor – One of the few Pit Lords, a race of Demons that seem to be generals of the Burning Legion.

Azjol-Nerub – Azjol-Nerub: An ancient subterranean kingdom in Northrend founded by a race of humanoid spiders, the Nerubians. When Ner’zhul was extending his power in Northrend, the warriors of this kingdom fought against him until finally succumbing to the power of the Lich King. For more look under “War of the Spider” here:

Blackhand – Former Warchief of the Horde (Warcraft I). He was killed and succeededby Ogrim Doomhammer. Rend Blackhand, one of his two sons, now is the warchief of the Blackrock Orcs, who currently take residence in Upper Blackrock Spire.

Blackrock – Clan of Orcs from which Blackhand and Doomhammer came. Rend Blackhand is the warchief of the Blackrock Orcs, who currently take residence in Upper Blackrock Spire.

Bleeding Hollow – A legendary clan among the old Orcish Horde, they were veterans of both the first and second wars. They were one of the few orc clans to make it back to Draenor after the defeat of the Horde in the second war, and were revered by all of the clans for their battles in Azeroth. They are considered veteran warriors. The Bleeding Hollow clan joined Ner’Zhul after they made it back to Draenor.

Bloodhoof – Referring to Cairne Bloodhoof, High Chieftan of the Tauren. It also refers to his tribe, the Bloodhoof Tribe.

Bloodscalp – Vicious tribe of jungle trolls.

Bonechewer – Bonechewer was a cannabilistic Orc Clan lead by Tagar Spinebreaker. They wear the bones and ruined organs of their enemies. They stayed in Draenor during the second war.

Boulderfist – After the Ogres broke apart from the Horde, the Boulderfist ogres made their homes in the Arathi Highlands.

Bronzebeard A royal Dwarvern family. The eldest brother is Magni Bronzebeard, king of Ironforge. The middle child is Brann Bronzebeard, founder of Traveller’s Guild, subset of the Explorer’s Guild. Disappeared in one of his ventures to Stranglethorn Vale. The youngest brother, Muradin Bronzebeard, helped Arthas in his fight against the undead but was killed when Arthas aquired Frostmourne.

Burning Blade – An Orc clan from the second war that still follow the ways of the Burning Legion, working to bring them back to Azeroth again.

Burning Legion – An army of demons assembled from the Twisting Nether. Sargeras is their lord and charges them with destroying every planet in the universe. They consist of powerful demons such as Eredars, Dreadlords, Pit Lords, Infernals, and many other assortments of demons.

Cenarion Circle – A druidic alliance based out of Moonglade concerned with healing the aftermath of the legion’s invasion. They are named after the great Demigod Cenarius, who taught the Night Elves druidism.

Cenarius – A demi-god slain by Grom Hellscream and the Warsong clan. Father of the Dryads and Keepers of the Grove.

Crushridge – Clan of Ogres.

Daggerspine – A Naga tribe. They can be found in the cove in Arathi and along the shoreline in eastern Hillsbrad.

Dalaran – Mage city, home of the Kirin Tor. Taken over by Arthas and the scourge, it is place where Archimonde was summoned into Azeroth by Kel’Thuzad.

Darkspear – An island jungle tribe of trolls that were invaded by Murlocs. Thrall and his band of orcs saved the Darkspear tribe the trolls, grateful to Thrall, have joined the Horde.

Deathwing – Leader of the black dragon flight. Formally known as Neltharion. He has been missing or thought dead since Warcraft 2. His son is Nefarion (Blackwing) and his daughter is Onyxia.

Destromath – One of the few Pit Lords, a race of Demons that seem to be generals of the Burning Legion.

Dethecus – A Dreadlord.

Doomhammer – Named after Orgrimm Doomhammer, the Warchief of the Orcish Horde in Warcraft II. He defeated Warchief Blackhand who was corrupted by the warlock Gul’Dan, and forced Gul’Dan and his shadow council to submit to him.

He fought an epic battle with Anduin Lothar in the Burning Steppes and killed him, but Lothar’s enraged the alliance and made them fight with such ferocity that they drove the orcs far back and defeated them that day. He was betrayed by Gul’Dan shortly before that fight when Gul’Dan pulled his forces to search for the Tomb of Sargeras. He was eventually defeated and captured by the Alliance and held in an internment camp until Thrall rescued him.

Doomhammer fell in battle while attacking an Alliance internment camp under the command of Thrall, who then took up Doomhammer’s armor and hammer as he became Warchief of the Horde.

Draenor – The red homeworld of the Orcs. It was destroyed by the unstable magics of several portals being opened at once, for mass invasions- the planet was torn apart into chunks, and what’s left of it is known as the Outlands.

Dragonblight – An arctic wasteland on Northrend inhabited by Dragons.

Dragonmaw – An orc clan that was part of the invasion of Azeroth. Lead by their chieftan Zuluhed the Whacked, the Dragonmaw is a small but elite faction within the old Horde. They were very loyal to Blackhand and after his defeat they pledged their loyalty to Blackhand’s sons. The Dragonmaw were responsible for the capture of the Dragon Aspect Alexstraza. Nekros, who used the Demon Soul to control Alextrasza and used her flight to attack the Alliance. This clan took up residence in Grim Batol, in eastern Wetlands.

Dunemaul – Ogre clan in Taranis.

Durotan – Father of Thrall. Leader of the Frostwolf Clan, Durotan first suspected Gul?dan treacherous deals with demons after the First Crossing. When he tried to oppose the Warlock, Gul?dan used Blackhand to banish Durotan and the Frostwolves from the Horde. Killed by Stormreaver assasins.

Earthen Ring – The Earthen Ring is a collection of the Horde’s wisest—druids, shamans, etc. Sort of like a council of elders.

Eldre’Thalas – A city populated by highborne Elves lead by the Queen Azhara, it was decimated during the first war with the burning legion and is now Dire Maul.

Elune – The moon goddess of the Night Elves. Elune was believed to live beneath the waters of the Well of Eternity, and despite its destruction, the Sentinels still honour her with every breath they take.

Eonar – The Titan patron of life.

Eredar – A powerful race of demons that are aligned with the Burning Legion. They are very good with magic. The Eredar seem to be the most powerful known demons, and in control of the Burning Legion. They are responsible, along with the Nathrezim, of corrupting the Titan Sargeras.

Feathermoon – Feathermoon is named after Shandris Feathermoon, General of the Sentinel forces, second only to Tyrande Whisperwind. Also refers to the island fort she commands west of Feralas.

Firetree – Unknown

Frostmane – A troll tribe, located in Dun Morogh.

Frostwolf – Frostwolf: Orc clan that was originally lead by Thrall’s father, Durotan, and trained Thrall in the ways of the Shaman pre-WC3.

Garona – Half-orc spy that assasinated King Llane during the first war. Garona’s loyalty resided in Gul’dan, the orc Warlock. She was captured by spies loyal to Doomhammer and revealed the existance of the Shadow Council near Stormwind keep before dying to her torture. Garona was also an apprentice of Medivh along side Khadgar

Gilneas Human nation, west of Hillsbrad and south of Silverpine Forest. It used to be a member of aliance but isolated itself upon the appearance of the plague and subsequent Undead Scourge. Keeps EVERYONE out via Graymane wall.

Gorefiend – The surname of the Death Knight (Not Scourge Death Knight, Orcish Death Knight from Warcraft II), Teron Gorefiend. There is speculation that he currently resides inside of Karazhan, Medivh’s tower.

Gorgonnash One of the few Pit Lords, a race of Demons that seem to be generals of the Burning Legion.

Gurubashi – A troll tribe in Stranglethorn Vale.

Hellscream – Fallen Warlord Grom Hellscream, leader of the Warsong Clan. When the Warsong clan settled in Ashenvale, they quickly made enemies with the Night Elves and their Demigods Cenarius. They were once again corrupted by the Pit Lord Mannoroth when faced with annihilation by Cenarius’s army. He was the first to drink Mannoroth’s blood. With their new chaotic powers, they killed Cenarius and defeated his army, but carried the taint of the Burning Legion. They were liberated when Grom Hellscream killed Mannoroth in an epic battle with Thrall. Hellscream charged Mannoroth and delivered a mortal wound to him, but Mannoroth took Hellscream with him to his death. Hellscream’s actions finally freed the Horde from the taint of the Burning Legion. His monument can be found in southern Ashenvale, near the Warsong Lumber Camp.

Hyjal – Mount Hyjal in northern Kalimdor, where the World Tree is located.

Icecrown – The Lich King’s capital in Northrend, where the Frozen Throne is located.

Illidan – Illidan Stormrage, twin brother of Malfurion Stormrage. He was one of the greatest Night Elf sorcerers in the land. Before the first invasion of the Burning Legion, his brother convinced him to give up magic before the impending doom of the Burning Legion arrived, and with the help of Tyrande Whisperwind he did so for a while.

However, before Malfurion was ready to attack Azshara and her Highborne summoning the Burning Legion, he went and warned her in order to preserve the magic he is so addicted to. He collected some samples of the original Well of Eternity and escaped the great sundering. He gave some to the Highborne who later became High Elves. They used it to create the Sun Well to sustain their own magics. He used the other vials upon the top of Mount Hyjal after the great sundering to create a new well of Eternity. Without him, magic would have ceased to exist in the world.

He was binded and imprisoned in the earth by his brother for his betrayal, and the danger he posed. For 10,000 years he was imprisoned until Tyrande Whisperwind, against the wishes of Malfurion, freed him and asked for his assistance to defeat the Burning Legion. He agreed. He was duped by Arthas to consume the skull of Gul’Dan, a powerful artifact that enhanced his already formidable powers many times over, and kill the dreadlord Tichondrius. When he did this he sealed the defeat of the Burning Legion, both benefitting the Undead Scourge who did not want to be ruled over by Tichondrius or those over him, and everyone else that the Burning Legion threatened.

Afterwards he made a deal with Kil’Jaedan to destroy the Lich King for his betrayal of the Legion. This was the main focus of the Warcraft III: Frozen Throne expansion. He had a plan that was foiled by his own brother to destroy the Lich King, then went and hid in the Outlands to avoid Kil’Jaedan’s wrath (but to no success). He again sought out to destroy the Frozen Throne, with the help of the Naga and Blood Elves set out an army to defeat them. He was intercepted by Arthas and they had an epic battle, with Arthas winning. He was recovered by his army and fled back to Outland, where he is currently thought to reside and plan revenge.

Kargath – Kargath Bladefist was an Orcish hero in Warcraft II. The Horde town of Kargath is named after him, located in eastern Badlands.

Kalecgos – A Blue Dragon that is a main character in the first Sunwell Trilogy novel. “In the main story, though, a woman named Anveena discovers a wounded blue dragon who can also assume a rather handsome human form. She quickly becomes enamored of this dragon, Kalecgos—even taking him home to meet her parents—and risks her own safety to assist him. He is pursued by a band of hunters who work for a ruthless Elf named Dar’Khan. Dar’Khan wants the Sunwell, a lost source of Elven magic, and believes that Kalecgos knows its location. The story becomes more than just a series of fights and chases when Anveena and Kalecgos are joined by a female dragon who says she is Kalecgos’ future mate, which creates a potential love triangle.” He is in no way related to any form of breakfast brands.

Kel’Thuzad – A very strong wizard out of Dalaaran that wanted to explore the necromantic/demonic side of magic. However that was forbidden in Dalaaran and he found solace in the words of the Lich King. He initiated the Cult of the Damned and helped spread the initial wave of plague through Lordearon. Killed in his human form, then later was ressurected as a Lich by Arthas. Leads the Scourge troops in the Plaguelands from his Necropolis citadel floating over Stratholme.

Khadgar – A human wizard who helped kill Medivh. Companion to Lothar.

Kil’Jaeden – An overlord of the Burning Legion, he is second in command only to the dark Titan Sargeras. He is an Eredar warlock of great power.

Kilrogg – Killrogg Deadeye, the Orcish leader of the BLeeding Hollow clan who invaded invaded Azeroth during the 2nd war. One of his eyes no longer functions and he has a big scar going vertically above and below that eye.

Laughing Skull – The Laughing Skull was one of the Orc Tribes of Draenor. They were the most trecharous, having some of the best Horde Assassins and Rogues among them. They were lead by an Ogre follower of Gul’dan back when he was alive, because the old leader insulted Gul’dan so he had the Ogre kill the leader and take control of the clan.

The clan stole the Book of Medivh from the Alterac traitors before Khadgar’s army could retrive it, and struck a deal with the Alliance to hand over the Book when their main rival clans on Draenor were destroyed.

Lightbringer – Uther Lightbringer was the first Paladin and founded the order of the Silver Hand during the Second war. He was loyal to king Terenas of Lordaeron and mentored his son, Arthas. When Arthas wanted to purge the city of Stratholme, Uther refused his order and it was then that Arthas gave a royal decree to disband the order of the Silver Hand. He was later caught alone and killed by Arthas and a swarm of Undead Scourge. His tomb can be found in Western Plaguelands, near Andorhal and Chillwind Point.

Lightning’s Blade – An orc clan during the second war. Little more is known.

Llane – Llane was the King of Azeroth (Stormwind) during the first Orcish invasion (Warcraft I. He was eventually assasinated by the Orc Assassin, Garona.

Lothar – Anduin Lothar the Grand Commander of all Alliance forces during the second war and friend to Llane and Medivh.
He was the one who pretty much convinced the mebers of the Alliance to join forces, some see him as the founder. He was also the last blood descendant of the original leaders of Strom.

He killed Medivh along with Kargath and helped banish Sargearas to the Twisting Nether.

After the first war, Lord Lothar leads an exodus of refugees from Stormwind and Khaz Modan to the northern nation of Lordaeron; there, King Terenas and Lothar convince the seven human nations, the dwarven and the high elven kingdoms to unite into the Alliance. He was killed by Orgrim Doomhammer at the battle of BlackRock Spire, where the orcish horde was defeated and eventually pushed back to the Dark Portal.

He fell in battle with the orcs near the Dark Portal. Fought an epic battle with Doomhammer in the Burning Steppes and killed him, but Lothar’s enraged the alliance and made them fight with such ferocity that they drove the orcs far back and defeated them that day. His memorial can be seen currently in game in the middle of the Burning Steppes.

Magtheridon – A Pit Lord that ruled the Outlands until Illidan and his Naga and Blood Elves came and defeated him.

Mal’Ganis – The Dreadlord Arthas fought in Stratholme, and tracked to Northrend. Mal’Ganis set a trap for Arthas there and forced him to find Frostmourne as the only way to defeat the scourge he set out to fight. He was slain by Arthas when he obtained Frostmourne.

Malygos – One of the dragon Aspects, leader of the Blue Flight, in charge of magic.

Mannoroth – Pit lord demon that instrumented the corruption of Orc society and invasion of Azeroth by the Orcs. He had an epic battle with Thrall and Grom Hellscream where he was charged and mortally wounded by Grom, but took Grom with him in death.

Medivh – The last guardian, it’s power passed onto him by the previous one, Aegwyn. What she didn’t know is that the spirit of Sargeras resided within the infant body. Machhinated the opening of the portal that allowed the Orcs into Azeroth. Killed and purged of said spirit. Later came back to instruct the various leaders of humans and orcs to make their way to Kalimdor if they wish to save the world from the Scourge. Helped united all of the factions together to make a last stand against the Scourge and Burning Legion.


Nathrezim – The Nathrezim (or dreadlords) are a dark race of vampiric demons who conquered a number of populated worlds by possessing their inhabitants and turning them to the shadow. They are one of two demonic races that corrupted Sargeras. Eventually Kil’Jaeden of the Eredar (the other demonic race that led to Sargeras’ fall) enslaved them and took them under his command.

Ner’zhul Orcish shaman that survived the sundering of Draenor by escaping into a portal. He was the leader of the Shadow Moon clan. However he was captured within the Twisting Nether by the Burning Legion, dissected and tortured, then encased into a diamond solid block of ice and put to Northrend. From there on, he was the Lich King.

Perenolde – Perenolde: King of Alterac. When the call to Northrend was given he was one of those to venture there and succumbed to the Lich King and became a Death Knight.

Proudmoore Admiral Daelin Proudmoore was the Grand Admiral of Kul’Tiras, a human mercant island nation. He defended Azeroth from the Horde in the first and second war, a proud member of the Alliance. His daugter, Jaina Proudmoore, led the surviving humans of Lordaeron across the sea to Kalimdor upon urgings by Medivh. She allied with orcs and night elves against the Scourge and Burning Legion, and won. Then founded the city of Theramore. When the father showed up he invaded the orc lands. She wanted peace with the Horde, and was forced to make a decision to take sides with her father or the Horde. She chose the Horde, and Rexxar and the Horde killed him.

Sargeras – Lord of the Burning Legion. Once the champion of the Titans, he is now a Dark Titan, twisted and evil. He formed the Brning Legion and made it his mission to destroy every world. He was defeated by Aegwynn and entombed on an island off of the coast of Azeroth.

Scarlet Crusade – The faction whose mission it is to rid the land of Undead. They see no difference between the Undead scourge, and the struggling-for-survival Forsaken. They have the mentality that if you’re not with them, you’re against them. If you’re not with the Scarlet Crusade, you must carry the taint of the scourge and be removed. Therefore they will attack almost any other faction on sight, believing them to be Scourge assassins or otherwise a threat. They are headquartered in the Scarlet Bastion in Stratholme, with locations in Tyr’s Hand (Eastern Plaguelands), Hearthglen (Western Plaguelands), and the Scarlet Monastery (Tirisfal Glades).

Shadow Council – Kil’jaeden, seeking to tighten his hold over the orcs, helped Gul’dan found the Shadow Council, a secretive sect that manipulated the orc clans and spread the use of warlock magics throughout Draenor.

Shadow Moon – An Orc clan. It was lead by the shaman Ner’Zhul.

Shadowsong – Maiev Shadowsong was the jailor of the night elf betrayer Illidan. For ten thousand years she guarded over Illidan’s prison in the Barrow Den.

Illidan was released by Tyrande Whisperwind—against the wishes of Malfurion Stormrage—in order to assist in the Night Elves’ fight against the Burning Legion. After Illidan made a pact with Kil’Jaedan, Maiev started hunting him down to imprison him once again. She followed Illidan to the tomb of Sargeras, where Illidan recovered the eye of Sargeras. His naga army nearly destroyed her army of watchers and she called for aid from Furion and his Night Elf army. Brother waged war against brother and Illidan fled to the Eastern Kingdoms where he would go to the ruined city of Dalaran to use the eye and channel a spell destroying the Frozen Throne.

Maiev and Tyrande hunted him there while Malfurion communned with the damaged lands of the Eastern Kingdoms. Tyrande made a last stand at a bridge, a sacrifice that saved Kael and his people along with Maeiv from the Undead Scourge. The bridge was destroyed and she fell downstream a river. She told Malfurion that she was torn to shreds in front of her very eyes, and consumed Malfurion with thoughts of vengeance against his brother.

Maiev’s lie was soon uncovered however, and Illidan aided his brother Malfurion in Tyrande’s rescue. In return Illidan was freed from his bondage, and he fled to the lands of Outland. Consumed by her desire for vengeance, Maiev followed Illidan blindly. She and her Watchers found Illidan by himself and captured him, but he was soon saved by the Naga and Blood Elves loyal to him. Defeated and left with a desire to get vengeance upon Illidan, her current location is not known.

Jarod Shadowsong is Maiev’s younger brother. Jarod took over command of the Kaldorei armies after the death of both Lord Ravencrest and Lord Desdel Stareye in the War of the Ancients.

His leadership as well as diplomacy between the Kaldorei, Taurahe, Earthen and Furbolgs staved off the armies of the Burning Legion long enough for the Well of Eternity to be ruptured, throwing out the Burning Legion and effectively dismantling Kalimdor into the continents and islands known today.

Shattered Hand – An orc clan lead by Korgath Bladefist. They practice self mutilation rituals to demonstrate loyalty to their clan. The Shattered Hand clan did not cross over into Azeroth during the first and second wars, but remained in Draenor

Silver Hand – The order of Paladins that was founded by Uther Lightbringer. It was disbanded by Arthas when Uther refused to purge Stratholme. Recently, Tirion Fordring has vowed to reform the order with himself as its Highlord after the death of his son, Taelan Fordring.

Silvermoon – The once capital city of Quel’Thalas, the now destroyed homeland of the High Elves before the second invasion of the Burning Legion. Silvermoon are now the High Elf faction who resided in Quel’Thelas that didn’t become Blood Elves, known as the “Silvermoon Remnant”. A mere remnant of their once powerful nation, the Silvermoon High Elves are greatly diminished with the departure of the Blood Elves.

Skullcrusher – Last name of Nekros Skullcrusher, an orc warlock who had the Demon Soul, a powerful artifact. He was the leader of the Dragonmaw clan.

Skywall – The domain or Air located in the Elemental Plane.

Smolderthorn – Smolderthorn – A tribe of renegade Trolls that reside in Blackrock Spire amonst the Spirestone and Scarshield.

Spinebreaker – Vicious band of Ogres who now reside in Blackrock Spire amongst the Smolderthorn and Scarshield.

Spirestone – Ogre clan currently inhabiting parts of Blackrock Spire.

Stonemaul – A clan of ogres that live in the Dustwallow Marsh. They were aided by Rexxar (during the founding of Ogrimmar). Rexxar became the leader of this clan after killing Kor’gall

Stormrage – The twin brothers Malfurion and Illidan Stormrage. Malfurion is the greatest druid to have ever lived and is the leader of the Night Elf people. He is currently missing somewhere in the Emerald Dream. Illidan is a powerfurful Demon Hunter currently residing in Outland.

Stormreaver – Assembled by Gul’dan the warlock to protect himself from Ogrim Doomhammer and support the voyage to the Tomb of Sargeras. It became one of the most powerful clans during the course of the Second War, which is why its betrayal spelled doom for the Horde. However, the Stormreavers were destroyed both by the demons in the Tomb of Sargeras and the Blackrock strikeforce sent to destroy them. While many of the fallen Stormreaver warriors were raised as undead creatures, a small sect of Stormreaver warlocks survived and remain hidden throughout the Broken Isles and the coasts of Durotar

Stormscale – A naga tribe, currently dwelling in northern Darkshore.

Suramar – The Night Elven city where Malfurion, Illidan and Tyrande lived in. This city would be shattered when the Well of Eternity implodes making spreading Kalimdor from the Eastern Kingdoms and burrying this once glorious city under the Maelstrom.

Terenas – Terenas Menethil, Arthas’ father. He was king of Lordaeron before the arrival of the Scourge. Killed by his own son Arthas.

Thunderhorn – Named after Marn Thundehorn, a Tauren Chieftan.

Thunderlord – The Thunderlord clan is an orc clan that had strong ties to the Blackrock clan during the Second War (Warcraft II). They were/are lead by Fenris the Hunter. Ogrim Doomhammer was the former warlord of this clan, and came to power through the Thunderlords. Orc Wolfriders originated from this clan.

TichondriusOne of the Burning Legion’s leuitenants. He was the leader of the Nathrezim and a very powerful Dreadlord. He commanded the Undead Scourge during the second invasion of the Burning Legion and was slain by Illidan Stormrage.

Uldum – A laboratory/green-house of the Titans. It can be found in southern Tanaris, though it is sealed off.

Uther – Uther Lightbringer was the first Paladin and founded the order of the Silver Hand during the Second war. He was loyal to king Terenas of Lordaeron and mentored his son, Arthas. When Arthas wanted to purge the city of Stratholme, Uther refused his order and it was then that Arthas gave a royal decree to disband the order of the Silver Hand. He was later caught alone and killed by Arthas and a swarm of Undead Scourge. His tomb can be found in Western Plaguelands, near Andorhal and Chillwind Point. Uther is honored with two Realms to his name, Uther and Lightbringer.

Ursin – Ursin was a bear deity and a warrior who with the help of his twin brother Ursol founded the “Druid of the Claw” sect. He and his brother fought alongside the Night Elves during the first invasion of azorath by the demonic Burning Legion.

Warsong – Warsong was one of the early Orc Clans, led by Grom Hellscream. They were one of the first Orc clans to join the visionary new Warchief, Thrall. They settled in Ashenvale at the Warsong Lumber Camp, and quickly made enemies with the Night Elves and their Demigods Cenarius. They were once again corrupted by the Pit Lord Mannoroth when faced with annihilation by Cenarius’s army. With their new chaotic powers they killed Cenarius and defeated his army, but carried the taint of the Burning Legion. They were liberated when Grom Hellscream killed Mannoroth.

Whisperwind – Tyrande Whisperwind is the High Priestess of Elune, and the leader of the Night Elf Sentinel Army. She was long the love interest of both Malfurion Stormrage and his brother Illidan, though it was Malfurion to whom she returned the affection.

Windrunner – Referring to the three Windrunner Ranger Sisters, Vereesa Windrunner, Alleria Windrunner, and Sylvanas Windrunner. Before becoming the leader of the Forsaken, Sylvanas Windrunner was a High Elf archer general. When she was defeated and slain defending Quel’Thalas, she was raised as a banshee by Arthas. She broke free of the Lich King’s control when he became weak due to Illidan’s spell against the Frozen Throne, and nearly killed Arthas. Arthas was saved by Kel’Thuzad, and Sylvanas escaped. She started taking over the Tirisfal Glades and took the Dreadlord Varimathas as her lietenant after making him submit to her. He had her kill 2 other Dreadlords, and she established the Forsaken, with their capital in the ruins of Lordaeron, known as the Undercity.

Zul’jin – Leader of the Forest Trolls in Quel’Thalas. He refused an offer by Doomhammer once to join the horde. Later joined after he was attack by the Alliance forces.

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