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Mortar: The conflicts between the Alliance and Horde are intensifying and the key battlefields: Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and the Alterac Valley have received swelling numbers of reinforcements from both factions. It is time to organise and reduce the amount of stupidity carried out in the warzones. Alliance must discover leadership and Horde must find more grunts to claim victory once and for all.

Who dares defile this ancient land? Who dares the wrath of Cenarius and the night elves? You cannot defeat me, I am the heart of the land!” ~ Cenarius

The message boards of RP-PvP have created sections to discuss and organise your battlegroup. Battlegroup 8 and 10 of the North American servers will be supported by RP-PvP with these message boards.


They deserve more. He deserved more. Our still-deluded brothers deserve more. And I will give it to them.” ~ Durotan

If you are on the realm: Sargeras, Emerald Dream, Moonrunner, Malfurion, Maelstrom, Lightninghoof, Detheroc, Kalecgos, Dark Iron, Wildhammer, Ursin, Twisting Nether, Azshara, Greymane, Staghelm, Agamaggan, Onyxia, Anvilmar, Lethon, Blackwing Lair, Doomhammer, Aerie Peak, Kel’Thuzad, Demon Soul, Deathwing, Jaedenar, Icecrown, Uldaman, Gnomeregan, The Venture Co, Altar of Storms, or the Sentinels—this is your place to chat.

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