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Richard A. Knaak was born in Chicago on May 28, but now splits his time between Chicago and Arkansas. Originally a chemistry major at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, he switched to Rhetoric, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree. He has been published since 1987 and his works have been translated into German, Italian, French, Danish, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, and Russian. His latest Dragonlance epic, TIDES OF BLOOD.  The second novel in THE MINOTAUR WARS (the direct follow-up to Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman’s Bestselling WAR OF SOULS trilogy) is now out in hardcover. He is currently at work on EMPIRE OF BLOOD, the third volume, on THE SUNDERING for Warcraft (the final book in the WAR OF THE ANCIENTS saga), and has agreed to write a third Diablo book, MOON OF THE SPIDER, featuring the return of the necromancer, Zayl.

He first became interested in reading fantasy and science fiction when he discovered a copy of Andre Norton’s Storm over Warlock. Devouring that, he located Roger Zelazny’s Creatures of Light and Darkness and the Amber Series, then Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars stories. Along with Edgar Allan Poe, Knaak considers these his greatest influences. Other favorite authors include Glen Cook, L. Sprague de Camp, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Harry Turtledove, Jennifer Roberson, Laurell K. Hamilton, Harry Harrison, and Robert Sawyer.

On the side, he enjoys reading, travel, food, and old movies.

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Warcraft Series (Simon & Schuster/Blizzard)

  • Day of the Dragon —February, 2001

  • The Well of Eternity (War of the Ancients, Voume 1) —April, 2004

  • The Demon Soul (War of the Ancients, Voume 2) —November, 2004

  • *The Sundering (War of the Ancients, Voume 3) —2005

Diablo Series (Simon & Schuster/Blizzard)

  • Legacy of Blood (1)—May, 2001

  • The Kingdom of Shadow (3) —August, 2002

  • *Moon of the Spider —December 2005

Series—Dragonlance (TSR, Inc.)

  • The Legend of Huma (Heroes, Vol. I) —March, 1988

  • Kaz the Minotaur (Heroes II, Vol. I) —June, 1990

  • Land of the Minotaurs (Lost Histories, Vol. IV) —January, 1996

  • Reavers of the Blood Sea (Chaos War Series, Vol. IV) —May, 1999

  • The Citadel (Classics Series, Vol. III) —- August, 2000

  • Night of Blood (The Minotaur Wars, Vol. 1) —- June, 2003

  • Tides of Blood (The Minotaur Wars, Vol. 2) —- April, 2004

  • Empire of Blood (The Minotaur Wars, Vol. 3) —- May, 2005


Series—The Dragonrealm (Warner)

  • Firedrake (Vol. I) —May 1989
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000

  • Ice Dragon (Vol. II) —December, 1989
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000

  • Wolfhelm (Vol. III) —June, 1990
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000

  • Shadow Steed (Vol. IV) —December, 1990
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000

  • The Crystal Dragon (Vol. V) —May, 1993
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000

  • The Dragon Crown (Vol. VI) —July, 1994
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000

  • The Horse King (Vol. VII) —March, 1997
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, June 2000

Dragonrealm Origins Series (Warner)

  • The Shrouded Realm (Vol. I) —June, 1991
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000

  • Children of the Drake (Vol. II) —December, 1991
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000

  • Dragon Tome (Vol. III) —July, 1992
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000


  • King of the Grey —Warner, November, 1993
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000

  • Frostwing —Warner, January, 1995
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, June 2000

  • The Janus Mask —Warner, September, 1995
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000

  • Dutchman —Warner, August, 1996
    —- Trade Paperback Edition,, May 2000

  • Ruby Flames (Shattered Light Vol. I) —Simon & Schuster, March, 1999

Short Fiction

  • Wayward Children – Dragonlance Tales, Vol. I, TSR, March, 1987
    —- The Best of Tales, WOTC, February, 2000

  • Definitions of Honor – Dragonlance Tales, Vol. II, TSR, July, 1987
    —- The Best of Tales, WOTC, February, 2000

  • By the Measure – Dragonlance Tales, Vol. III, TSR, October, 1987

  • Colors of Belief – Dragonlance Tales II, Vol. I, TSR, April, 1992
    —- The Best of Tales Vol. II, WOTC, 2001

  • Into Shadow, Into Light – Dragonlance Tales II, Vol. II, TSR, July, 1992

  • The Hand That Feeds – Dragonlance Tales II, Vol. III, TSR, November, 1992

  • Kaz and the Dragon’s Children – The Dragons of Krynn, TSR, March, 1994

  • Contract Hit – Superheroes, Ace, January, 1995

  • Rules of the Minotaur Circus: The Bloody Path (article) – History of Dragonlance, TSR, May, 1995

  • The Son of Huma – Dragons of Chaos, TSR, December, 1997

  • Sword of Tears – Relics and Omens, TSR April, 1998

  • The Thief in the Mirror – Heroes and Fools, TSR July, 1999

  • Tactics – Rebels and Tyrants, WOTC, April, 2000

  • The Kazelati (article) – Leaves of the Inn II, WOTC, June, 2000

  • Hunger – Tales from the War of Souls, WOTC, October, 2001

  • A Matter of Honor – The Traveling Players of Gilean, WOTC , February, 2003


  • Warcraft/The Sunwell Trilogy, Vol. 1 – Dragon Hunt, Tokyopop, February, 2005

  • Ragnarok, Vol. 1 – Eve of Apocalypse, Tokyopop, May, 2002

  • Ragnarok, Vol. 2 – Day of Reckoning, Tokyopop, July, 2002

  • Ragnarok, Vol. 3 – Night of Blood, Tokyopop, September, 2002

  • Ragnarok, Vol. 4 – Dawn of Destruction, Tokyopop, November, 2002

  • Ragnarok, Vol. 5 – Twilight of Terror, Tokyopop, January, 2003

  • Ragnarok, Vol. 6 – Midnight’s Masters, Tokyopop, March, 2003

  • Ragnarok, Vol. 7

  • Ragnarok, Vol. 8

  • Ragnarok, Vol. 9

  • Ragnarok, Vol. 10

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