PTR Patch 1.11 - Naxxramas Changes

With the most recent patch released on the PTRs, the following changes have been made to Naxxramas.

Plague Wing

  • Players should no longer be able to fall from the balcony in the plague wing.
  • Heigan the Uncleans entry door will not open until Noth the Plaguebringer has been killed.
  • The Plague wing entry room will now completely respawn when a group wipes.

Spider Wing

  • Anubrekhan: Fixed Frozen Rune positions in Anub’Rekhan’s room. They were previously unselectable / unusuable.
  • Anubrekhan: Fixed Locust Swarm and Impale animations.
  • Spell effects will appear more aligned on several mobs.

Abomination Wing

  • Patchwerk: The door beyond Patchwerk will now only open if he is killed.
  • Patchwerk: Aggro shouts have been slowed down so he doesnt spam introductions in chat and audio.
  • Patchwerk: He will no longer travel outside of a given range.
  • Thaddius: Zone-wide shouts will no longer have audio vocals.
  • Embalming slimes are now on a three minute respawn timer.
  • Sewage slimes are now on a three minute respawn timer.
  • Patchwork Golem no longer looses aggro on war stomp.
  • Mad Scientists: Fixed problems with portraits and textures.

Deathknight Wing

  • The endless slime pits in the Deathknight wing now have proper collision and slime.
  • Deathknight Understudies have been changed from level 61 to 60 and their Shadow Resistance set to 0. This should make the regular periodic resists happen less often.
  • Deathknight Understudies now lose aggro after casting Mind Exhaustion.
  • Shades of Naxxramas no longer infinitely spawn a portal.
  • Living poison slimes before Patchwerk have been spaced out a little more to give players a little more room to try and avoid them.


  • Mr. Bigglesworth will no longer respawn. R.I.P. =(
  • The “Echoes of War” quest requirements were changed from requiring the Heart of Anub’Rekhan and the Head of Instructor Razuvious to 8 Deathknight Captains and 3 Venom Stalkers.
  • Various creatures now move faster.
  • Stealth detection has been applied to most creatures in the zone.
  • All Non-Boss creatures in the zone now has a leash distance.
  • Added vendor Jimmy McWeaksauce to the center of Naxxramas. Jimmy sells the following items and is generally a cool guy:
    • Free Repairs
    • Free Res sickness removal
    • Spell reagents
    • Tome of Tranquilizing shot
    • Rogue poisons

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