Project Revolution Demo Released !

Finally!  After more than 3 years in development, Snowflake Entertainment (a modding community) has announced that Project Revolution demo is now downloadable.  This demo allows you to play Starcraft Terran race in 3D using the Warcraft III Engine.  You must have the Starcraft: Brood War and Warcraft III: Frozen Throne CDs installed and updated with the latest patches (All English-version) and load the CDs on your CD-Drive when asked by the installer in order to play this demo. Installation won’t work on non-English versions of the Game CDs. No Mac installer at this time. Windows Vista is not supported.

Install Tutorial
Terran video
Zerg Video

Project Revolution mod is meant only as a preview of what Snowflake Entertainment has done thus far. It’s not a complete or debugged demo.  There are many bugs, and adjustments that will be fixed in the final version of the demo. In this demo, Terran race is arond 90% done (lot of bug fixes not implemented). Zerg is very incomplete (60%). The demo offers you a taste of what has been done in the past 3 years, and to show the potential the full mod will have when it is released in the future.

There are a few download options:

– The Torrent download (Seeders are needed).
Mirror 1 (GamersHell)
Mirror 2 (Blizzplanet – Install tutorial text included)

You should have this checklist:

  • Stacraft + Broodwar installed
  • Warcraft III + The Frozen Throne expansion installed
  • Warcraft TFT 1.21 patch installed

  • Make sure both games are already installed on these paths:
    C:\Program Files\Starcraft
    C:\Program Files\Warcraft III

  • Insert your Starcraft original CD in your CD-ROM drive (Not Brood War CD)
  • Run Project Revolution installer
  • Type: YES (in CAPS) to accept the EULA.
  • Type the following path when asked:


  • You will see text scrolling down. It is copying .wav files, images and data from the Starcraft CD.
  • When you read this message: “Step 3 Install Complete”—do not close the Revolution-install-EULA.exe window.  Simply remove Starcraft CD from your CD-ROM Drive.  Now insert the Warcraft III: Frozen Throne CD into your CD-ROM Drive.
  • Go to your computer folder by pressing START button—> My Computer—> Click Local Disk—> Open projectrevolution folder
  • Click the Project Revolution icon
  • You will see the Revolution-install-EULA.exe window start browsing down. It is installing files from your Warcraft 3 CD.  The Project Revolution Launcher will load.
  • Press Single Player
  • Press Custom Game
  • Choose a Map and choose Terran Race
  • Have fun


1. It won’t install?

First make Sure Install.exe and Revolution .mpq are in the same directory. Secondly SC CD must be in the CD Drive with Scand BW already installed on the computer.

2. It wont run.

First off Wc3 and TFT must be installed for it to run.
Turn off your Virus scanners. Best bet if this still does not work is a fresh install of XP. Vista has been reported to work with PR however the developers of the Loader Andy, Mike, and I Never intended it for Vista. The base code was created over three years ago and many changes in standard included libraries may have occurred. Hence no vista support will be provided.

3. I type “yes” and it just exits.

You have to type yes exactly how you see it on the screen. Same capitalization and everything.

4. What path should I use?

This is up to you. A common one would be


As reported a few days ago, you can vote for Project Revolution which is nominated as Best Mod of 2007 at

Thanks, Tehtroll and TaeBo-

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