Patch 2.4 PTR - Introduces Dungeon Cinematic Cutscenes

The 5-man dungeon in the Sunwell Isle has a new in-game cinematic cutscene.  Hopefully Blizzard will create cutscenes for the Wrath of the Lich King dungeons, and who knows, maybe old dungeons. Here is a feedback from a fan named Kaen @ Mal’Ganis:

“There are a couple of points that want to share here and I hope this feedback makes it to somebody that will appreciate it at Blizzard.

The whole Sunwell experience so far seems to be, to me, the greatest achievement this game has seen so far, in terms of packaging it up and delivering it to the player, especially in terms of the Burning Crusade story.

There is more to this than the details I’m about to share, but these are the biggest things.

Bringing characters back, more-developed, in an on-going storyline:

Seeing Kael’thas again, only this time, radically changed into an almost monster-like figure really drives home the point that this unhealthy magic addiction has its consequences. Previously, only Blood elf players got any of that bit of the story really shown to them, and even then, only in their starting area.

Seeing the once great “Prince of the Blood Elves,” with that title, nearly undead-looking, is really, really cool. It’s just GREAT for me to be able to see that kind of character development. For once, it’s just just, “go into this castle and kill the bad guy, then you win”—it’s a continuation and most importantly, a DEVELOPMENT in the character. I want more of this kind of thing! More story! More character DEVELOPMENT! Great job with this, concerning Kael’thas.

Telling, or presenting, a story in a much more engaging way (cinematics):

The next thing ties into that. I have run Magister’s Terrace three times now, and every time we get to the scryer’s orb part, everybody in the party is like “WOW THAT IS SO COOL!” It’s because we are basically starved of a narrative presented in a cinematic way. OK, don’t get me wrong—I think Final Fantasy XI is a dreadful, horrible experience overall, but one thing that I admire about it is that the content of it is not only story-driven, they actually sort of make the story a priority by presenting the characters and events through cinematics. You can skip it if you want, but there is actually character dialogue that you can watch. Guild Wars does this too, even more often than Final Fantasy XI.

I am a sucker for this kind of thing. I think when a dramatic event happens in the story, very much so including 5-mans (which need a little help in actually convincing the player that he NEEDS to be there anyway), they are much better presented as a cinematic.

Up until this point, NPC/story events have been presented with you standing there in front of them, with your ridiculously cluttered UI, no less, and you’ve had to just read their chat boxes, amidst guild/party/raid/etc chat. I was blown away that, even though there was no voice over (which I admit is usually terrible in games) and no text, WoW actually took the time to back out of the gameplay for a minute and show a little cinematic.

I want more of this! It’s so much more interesting and cool than having most of the story elements presented in text while you just stand there with your UI.

It goes a long way in making the game feel like a more immersive, cinemetic/rpg experience, as opposed to a treadmill.”


Thanks,  Tornare @ Quel’dorei

By Medievaldragon

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