New Nether Ray Flying Mount - Video

If you haven’t played in the Public Test Servers, patch 2.1.0 introduces a new flying mount: The Nether Ray.  A new faction named Skyguard allows you to buy the flying mount at exalted.  The NPC is besides the flightmaster in Shattrath City.  He sends you to the north corner of Skettis. You have to fly to the top of Skettyl Mountains to find the Skyguard base camp.  There you can find various quests that lead to the return of Terrok.

There are at least three repetitive quests that will help you gain reputation with the Skyguard.  However, some of them are doable once per hour. Others are available once every 24-hours.  The video below shows you the Skyguard flying atop the Nether Ray.  Cute!

Drysc: “The ‘one-a-day’ quests and turn-ins obviously restrict the amount of times those quests can be completed, and this affords us a few things as far as the rewards we can then provide. These quests are specifically designed for those players that maybe have a few hours a day, or less, to log in and play. With that short amount of time we can guarantee them a solid reward, or solid increment toward a reward, without needing to compensate for the type of player that has a lot of time to devote to simply grinding on them. This is due to limiting the amount of times it can be completed, and thus gearing it towards a more casual playstyle.

First and foremost it allows us to provide greater reward for smaller investments of time. That means less of a “grindy” feeling for a quicker and bigger payoff.

These quests are also placed in the new solo and small-group content areas which of course are geared more towards the casual player, and with this new type of quest we can provide the casual player that is generally going to be taking advantage of them, a better reward with a time investment that is more appropriate for their playstyle.

If you’re the type of player that has a lot of time, then yes this is just going to be a restriction to how quickly you can complete it. We’re gearing this content towards the casual player so that they can gain items and rewards on their own terms, instead of on the terms of the player who has the most time to invest.”

By Medievaldragon

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