New Loot in the World of Warcraft TCG! Ethereal Vendor Pet

Blizzplanet contacted Upper Deck Entertainment’a Associate Marketing Manager Anna Maria Mannino to get some feedback concerning the new and exciting loot cards.  Upper Deck and Blizzard Entertainment give fans the opportunity to get a free loot card code for testing purposes only available to you on the Public Test Realms (PTR).

“During the patch 2.4.3 testing process, we’d like to provide players
with the unique opportunity to acquire a few rare promotional items! We
encourage any players on the PTR to visit Landro Longshot in Booty Bay
to redeem the following items:

  • Path of Illidan – Code 1111
  • Disco Ball – Code 2222
  • Ethereal companion – Code 3333

All you need to do is input the above codes when visiting Landro, and
that’s it!

Please note that this give-away pertains solely to the Public Test


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The Hunt for Illidan, Upper Deck’s (UD) latest expansion of the hugely popular World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG), is launching July 1st. Be among the first to play a Demon Hero or walk The Path of Illidan at a Sneak Preview event, this Saturday, June 21st! Visit for more information and locations.


Illidan’s Path

Ethereal Pet

Ethereal Pet 2

Continuing the legacy of wildly popular exclusive in-game items, such as the X-51 Nether-Rocket flying mount from the sold-out Servants of the Betrayer™ expansion, The Hunt for Illidan brings amazing new Loot™ items to Azeroth! Available only through the World of Warcraft TCG, these highly sought-after cards will give lucky players the ability to walk The Path of Illidan, be the life of the party with D.I.S.C.O., or get a full-size Ethereal cosmetic pet!

UD World of Warcraft TCG Loot™ Cards give players who receive them access to unique World of Warcraft MMORPG in-game items. All Loot™ Cards can only be found through the UD World of Warcraft TCG. The Hunt for Illidan Loot™ items will be available for in-game redemption after Blizzard’s 2.4.3 patch.

Walk like Illidan

The super common Loot for this release is The Path of Illidan, from the card “The Footsteps of Illidan.” Players with this Loot item can walk or run throughout Azeroth, leaving a trail of green glowing footprints.

Be the Life of the Party

The uncommon Loot in The Hunt for Illidan is D.I.S.C.O., letting players start a party anywhere! Indoors or out, this Loot item comes complete with a disco ball, swirling lights and music! Any nearby players, even of a different faction, can join your party and dance.

Enter the Ethereal Realm

The rarest Loot in The Hunt for Illidan is the Ethereal Soul-Trader. This in-game item becomes a full-sized Ethereal cosmetic pet, who will collect souls for you and deposit Ethereal money into your bags. With this Ethereal money, you can buy any of the Ethereal Soul-Trader’s ten unique items! Anyone can view the items, but only those lucky enough to have Ethereal money can actually buy them! Watch a video here.

For more information on The Hunt for Illidan and other UD World of Warcraft TCG details, visit

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