Naxxramas: Corrupted Ashbringer

Fans are reporting that Ashbringer is indeed in Naxxramas with an interesting story attached to it. To those fans following the long-discussed Ashbringer topic, NPCs located in Bulwark and Chillwind Point say, Ashbringer was built by an Archmage who built weapons for the Scarlet Crusade.  One such weapon was the Ashbringer Sword given to the former Scarlet Highlord Mograine.  Here are some of the non-quest quotes by NPCs:

There is a quest in World of Warcraft that previously hinted that the Scarlet Commander Mograine from Scarlet Monastery in Tirisfal Glades had killed his father Scarlet Highlord Mograine impaling him through his chest with the Ashbringer sword.  His father was mortally wounded by the Undead Scourge, so the son killed his father to keep his father from turning Undead.  Apparently, the sword has gained sentience with the soul of his father, possibly imprinted with his soul or thoughts.  This is unclear and unconfirmed.  The speculation is based on the existence of some sound files.  There is a Deathknight in Naxxramas named Highlord Morgaine and he already has a set of sound quotes.

One of the bosses in Naxxramas drops an item named Corrupted Ashbringer.  The sword – according to some fans – talks in a fashion-like way as the trinket of Eranikus does.  The quotes spoken by the sword mentions that his son watched him die—which connects with the Mograine killed his father story.

The Scarlet Crusade organization was founded by Grand Inquisitor Isillien (former priest at the service of King Terenas and Lordaeron and liasion to the Order of the Silver Hand) and High General Abbendis.  Both founded the Scarlet Crusade recruiting former Paladins and Priests of the Order of the Silver Hand. Check out more Scarlet Crusade and Order of Silver Hand lore here:

You can read a good deal of Scarlet Crusade lore in Warcraft: Lands of Conflict – page 91, 109 and 165-168.  Take a look at the Table of Content.

Taking that in consideration, Mograine and his father, nicknamed The Ashbringer were once Paladins.  The epic-sword will have interestingly a long series of quests to obtain this item.  The Corrupted Ashbringer is the name of the item when you loot it from one of the Naxxramas bosses.  However, rumor is already assumed that you have to find a way to cleanse or uncorrupt the sword, to gain access to its full might.

This type of quests are long but rewarding.  Think of the Windseeker sword from Thunderaan, or Quel’serrar.  Reports of fans is that the following quotes are spoken by the Corrupted Ashbringer sword; while other fans suggest that once killing Highlord Morgaine, his soul is released and his ghost will be who speaks the following (note that some might be wrongly interpreted due to the freakish nature of the voice and sound special effects):

1. “I was pure once!”
2. “Fought for rightousness.”
3. “I was called Ashbringer”
4. “Betrayed by my Order”
5. “Destroyed by Kel’Thuzad
6. “Made to serve”
7. “My son watched me die”
8. “Crusade felt his wrath” (Note: some fans think it says “fed his rage”)
9. “Too much is unknown to denounce his evil”
10. “Scarlet Crusade is pure … no … longer”
11. “Balnazaar’s crusade corrupted my son”
12. “Kill them all”

Zarlok@Executus thinks it says “Crusades (secrets—said by little boy voice) fell/failed. Heathens razed/raised”.  “Made to serve” indicates that a necromancer raised Highlord Mograine as a Deathknight.

Right now there is a lot of debate among fans.  It is not clear if the sounds of the quotes above are truly spoken by the sword itself, or if one of the Deathknights of Naxxramas tagged as Highlord Mograine talks while in combat, or if the ghost of Highlord Mograine after you kill him will speak the sound files.

One thing seems to be sure … the Cleansed Ashbringer quest is not going to be complete in Patch 1.11 according to Tigole when he was Interviewed by NY Times couple of weeks ago. (Find the reference at page 5)

There are two deathknights people as speculating could be Muradin and Uther, but that has not been confirmed.  One of the Deathknights however looks to be a dwarf with long beard. However, another source mentioned the names of the Deathknights, dismissing the Muradin rumor:

Lady Blaumeux
Thane Kortha’zz (Dwarf)
Sir Zeliek
Highlord Mograine

New NPCs were added to Light’s Chapel in Light’s Hope (Eastern Plaguelands) and offer quests for Naxxramas. They are tagged as Brotherhood of the Light.  It is not clear if this is the follow up to Tirion Fordring vowing to build a new Order of the Silver Hand. One of the NPCs quotes:

“The Ashbringer is dead and there will never be another like him. The lesser Mograine is a far cry from the man his father was. You know this, Commander! It was, after all, your own leadership that was responsible for the death of the Scarlet Highlord Mograine.

It was your leadership that manipulated a grieving child to try to recover the sword. A child that has grown into a man with nothing but vengeance and hatred in his heart! And for what? You are no closer to the sword now than you were five years ago.

Yet you think that recovering Ashbringer will somehow turn the tide of battle? Let me let you in on a little secret, Commander. The power of the Ashbringer came from the man who would wield it… I was there, Commander. I watched him burn legions of undead in righteous fire before he would even unsheath the blade. Alas, your grasp on history is… lacking.

Now be silent and note where you are, lest I inform Lord Fordring and his knights that you are no longer here on amicable terms. I am certain he would take great pleasure in seeing to your ‘atonement’.”

– Commander Eligor Dawnbringer, Light’s Hope Chapel

UPDATE: GrandmastaB in the White Wolf forums reports:

“The Brotherhood of Light is a new faction that has grown out of the Argent Dawn. They describe themselves as being “just like the Scarlet Crusade, except we’re not stupid.” They are solely dedicated to defeating the Scourge, and launching an attack on Kel’Thuzad directly. They are composed of defectors from the Scarlet Crusade (and have minor diplomatic ties to them), remnants of the Silver Hand, former Kirin-Tor archmages, and Argent Dawn members that want to take the fight to the Scourge.”

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