Mr. T and Shatner - Wow Commercials

This is awesome!  Mr. T and William Shatner (Star Trek) have done a World of Warcraft Commercial for National TV. Mr. T plays a night elf warrior with a mohawk using the phrase: “What’s Your Game?” The answer, “fool”, is World of Warcraft…  William Shatner plays as a tauren shaman hurling lightning bolts like a conduit of ancient elemental forces of nature. Now all we need is Chuck Norris … playing a rogue ninja smashing faces with his roundhouse kick. Come on Blizzard, you know we want it! Download the HD commercial video here.

So what do Mr. T and William Shatner have to do at all with World of Warcraft? What’s the relation? Many fans have been asking in the official Wow forums. They don’t seem to fit beyond the national celebrity hook up to sell a game. Well, there is plenty of reasons for both celebrities to fit with World of Warcraft. Most of World of Warcraft is a cesspool of pop culture references, also named easter eggs.

For example, in Azuremyst—the Draenei starting location—players find a quest named “I’ve got a plant” sounds like a pop culture reference to a Hannibal Smith’s quote on a popular TV show where Mr. T was one of the main actors: The A-Team.  Coincidencially the Draenei NPC Odesyus says at the end of the quest: “I love it when a plan comes together.”

There are many references of Star Trek in World of Warcraft such as the goblin engineers Scooty, Jhordy Lapforge, Smiles O’Byron (Miles O’Brien). Sprok and many more.

It would be great to see a large TV Commercial campaign like Apple Switch.  Mark Hamill (Star Wars) playing a Paladin, embracing the force to decimate or heal with the power of the Light. MC Hammer playing an Orc since the /dance is a ripoff from MC Hammer’s dance: “Can’t Touch This”. Orlando Blood (Legolas) playing a Blood Elf Hunter. Julian Sands (Warlock: Armageddon) playing a Human Warlock, Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) playing a Night Elf Priestess of the Moon.

By Medievaldragon

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