Mount Riding Skill Hotfix on patch 1.12.1

Blizzard has issued an alert that Mount riding skill got a hotfix for patch 1.12.1 to fix a problem reported by many players that met certain criteria.

Tseric: “We will be issuing rolling restarts across all realms at 4:00 AM PDT, Thursday, September 28 to apply a hot fix that will address an issue with mount riding skills. Players that had a mount in their inventory but were not given the appropriate riding skill should find that this has been corrected after this fix is applied. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Batta: “In our ongoing efforts to assist players with issues stemming from the changes made to the Riding skill in patch 1.12.1, we request that all players who meet the following criteria please submit an in-game petition as soon as possible:


  • Has a level 60 Racial or Alterac Valley Epic mount,
  • Does not have the Journeyman (150) Riding skill,
  • Had purchased the mount prior to the 09/26 patch.



  • Has a level 40+ Racial Standard (nonepic) mount,
  • Does not have the Apprentice (75) Riding skill,
  • Had purchased the mount prior to the 09/26 patch.

As an additional note, we offer our apologies for the confusion caused by this patch and the sudden changes made to the functionality of mounts and the associated Riding skill. It is our goal to provide the best service possible and we feel the lack of warning caused an inconvenience for our playerbase. Thank you everyone for your continued patience as we work to determine the best possible course of action moving forward to assist those who were adversely affected by the changes to this system.

UPDATE: if one purchased an AV mount last week and was only level 58 at the time of the patch they would not have received the appropriate riding skill. If you find yourself in this situation, please submit an in-game petition to us as well.

If a player does not already have 75 Riding skill and purchases a PvP rank 11 mount after the patch, they will need to purchase the riding skill as well. This would make the cost of the mount roughly the same as it was before the patch. “

By Medievaldragon

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