Modding Community Roundup

The last couple of months have been busy for different Warcraft and Starcraft Modding Communities such as Star Alliance, Campaign Creations, and Rampaging Polygons.

Warcraft III Modding Tutorials
Star Alliance (Samods) has a pretty good collection of modding tutorials and here you may find additional tutorials if you wish to learn how to create a Warcraft 3 mod.

A Tinker’s Tale
HandClaw from Rampaging Polygons is still working on his Warcraft III Goblin Mod A Tinker’s Tale, but you may get a sneak peek through concept art, and tech tree. (Read More)

After a long hiatus, Desler and Joel of The World Crafter-fame have released the first map of Mistria – a Warcraft III Map.

Armageddon Onslaught – RELEASED!
The drums have deepened into a droning thunder, their cries echoing through the mountains. Ten thousand years of decay showers off the walls and ceiling, dulling your vision and filling your lungs with ash. In the moment you try to shield your eyes from the dust, a light emanates from the beyond. It surges forward, splintering into a thousand screaming figures. It is then you know what you have awoken. It is then, in your final moments, you feel regret. Requires Brood War 1.10

The gates of hell have been opened.—Armageddon Onslaught – Public Alpha 0.1 version AAsub5. (Read More)

Warcraft: Dawn of Chaos
Some weeks ago I reported the demo release of the oh-so-long-awaited Warcraft: Dawn of Chaos total conversion mod.  This demo is merely the multiplayer demo which allows you to play and see the nice work put into modeling and texturing the buildings and units.  This mod is meant to convert the Warcraft III gameplay into Warcraft: Orcs and Humans.  And that’s no joke … you can even build roads and walls using the Town Hall, and like in the first Warcraft game, you can’t build a building unless you have built road. I already downloaded it and had some fun. Chapter 1 of the map campaign will be available very soon. Realm Design (Rampaging Polygons) has decided to release each map of Dawn of Chaos in a monthly basis. Download the Multiplayer demo for now and have fun!

By Medievaldragon

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