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I wanted to share with fans who visit Blizzplanet the joy of getting Black Temple attuned.  Long ago, I could have changed guild.  The guild I play with, Prelude, is somewhat a Casual-raiding guild.  Friday and Saturday off to PUG, PvP or farm.  Heavy Sunday raiding.  Karazhan or Zul’Aman on Tuesday or any of the off days. With barely 3-4 days for Serpentshrine and Tempest Keep.

I am used to raiding everyday and not giving up till the boss is down, so having so many days off, or doing something other than the goal: Kael and Vashj, can be disappointing.  At certain points through the past year, there has been the usual /gquit of Main tanks, rogues or Druids.  Nothing hurts more a guild than /gquit as the guild has to replace the players with probably undergeared characters, going backwards in progression.

That was our case, having to gear up new recruits.  I am currently wearing 4 pieces of T5-gear set. Killed Kael’Thas two weeks ago, and due to my incredibly high DKP, got the T5 loot. Two nights ago, we downed Kael for the second time on our third try. This second kill completed most of the guild finishing their Mount Hyjal attunement.  Immediately that same night, Sunday, we headed toward Mount Hyjal for first time as a guild.

The first pulls were very easy, until the bunch of 6-7 abominations showed up, then things get more hectic in the next three waves.  Wiped two times, until we figured out how to deal with tanking, fearing and shackling.  When to pull mobs toward the Alliance NPCs and Jaina, when to mass-AOE. On our third try, lo and behold … Rage Winterchill made his appearance.  The nasty part of this boss is death and decay. If you don’t watch the ground and move away soon enough your character dies. Took him down in a single attempt. Everyone was excited and cheering … finally Black Temple attuned.  Yet there are other minor quests and UPS-delivery type of quests before actually getting the Medallion of Karabor necklace which allows you to enter Black Temple.

Sometimes staying and being loyal to your guild, and having faith in your casual guild, even when things don’t go your way, at the end it pays off.  The important thing is to have awesome leaders who keep track of everything on ventrilo.  Follow the instructions, analyze the mistakes you do, give your best. Work as a team.

If you want to take a peek at the lore behind the Black Temple Attunement quests, check out all the 24 screenshots.  Here we go, Illidan!

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