Karune Debuts as YouTube Rapper—Phear’em Eminem!

TowerPowerNerf got some spotlight time when he posted his YouTube message to Karune, Blizzard RTS Community Manager, for his recent Holiday announcement: There is no Warcraft III patch before 2008.

Karune: Warcraft III Patch Update
In my opinion, the Warcraft III community has been extremely patient in waiting for the new patch, and of course this patience is much appreciated. Although, the patch does not seem like it will be out by the end of the year, I will be making sure this Warcraft III patch will be my first priority for 2008, above all other projects including StarCraft II. I too, am very disappointed that the patch will not be out this year.

As another update, the melee map contest winners will be announced in late January. Expect another update for the patch in the first week of January. The Dev Team is currently compiling and testing both the recommendations made here on Battle.net as well as suggestions from many of the professional E-Sports Warcraft III players. Will let you know when more information arises.

To both the YouTube Video posted by TowerPowerNerf, Karune kicked off with his very own … YouTube Rap Video. No … I’m not kidding you.  This is a very entertaining community interaction to pass the holiday boredom. Watch Karune’s Video below:

Karune:  This was really a community inspired project, where I was just responding to the community’s efforts in their passion for their game.

I’m sure there may be more opportunities to put out some personal fun stuff in the future, though remember, I always expect everyone in the community to be on the cutting edge of innovation here smile

Besides, I’m just some old guy who works at a video game company…what do I know? – Source: Battle.net Forums.

Ok, so you didn’t like the rapping, not interested in a bored CM during a holiday break, and more interested in the asian babe. She is Lina So, and you may visit her website for some videos and wallpapers. Yah, she’s hot.

This newspost was dimmed worthy by Joystiq and Kotaku.

Update 12-28: Towerpowernerf replied:

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