Karazhan: Maiden of Virtue

After three months of closed beta workout, and a week to level to 70 after Burning Crusade retail launch, I have put a lot of effort into doing every dungeon possible to gather my Tier 3.5 Hallowed Set.  I have four out of five so far. Leggings I heard drop at Sethekk Halls—if any Priest is wondering where to find them. I am Exalted with Sha’tar, after farming Tempest Keep.

Invested tons of well earned gold, the hard way, to get enchants and jewels for my sockets. The set lowered me from over 11k mana to mere 9.901 Mana.  However, now I stand with 401 spirit, 358 mana regen. and 1030 Healing on the Hallowed Set.  I still need a few Jewels. Having four Hallowed pieces grants me +100 health on each Prayer of Mending.

So we head out toward Karazhan for our second trial before the dungeon resets, directly toward Maiden of Virtue.  I was the only priest in the team, along some Shamans. She made us bite the dust literally, twice.  Our first try, she went down to 30% Health.  Second try, she went down to 11%.  By the way, Karazhan’s floor tastes like Pinesol.

On our third trial, Maiden of Virtue found out … indeed … the Karazhan floor tastes like Pinesol. Watch the video at the bottom and check out the phat Lo0tz!

Basically, 4 Melee players stand in a triangle formation around her.  Front, back, left, and right.  Stay at the max distance possible to melee her. All casters stay around the arena. Warlocks need to have their Felbeast pets ready to eat magic debuff from priests and healers. The Maiden of Virtue does a Paladin consecretion aoe that stuns the whole raid for 10 seconds.  Warlocks can remove this debuff from healers, and Druids can shapeshift to get rid of the effects. Druids need to keep the tanks alive until a healer recovers from stun.

Maiden will randomly target a single player with a Holy Fire.  It needs to be removed asap. Each time it lands, it gets more damage rate. Priests can dispell it. Toss a renew, or rejuvenation on the affected player, for she will attempt to Holy Fire the same target if it is low in health.  A second holy fire will kill the player on impact.  Use all your cooldowns as needed, specially once you reach around 4k mana.  Same for mana pots.  Besides that … pray she will taste the floor before you do.

By Medievaldragon

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