Independent Lawsuit against Gold Farmers

I usually do not post this type of news and you guys know it. If a staff member ever does, they get a frown upon.  However, I make this my touchdown dance. And I hope this lawsuit kicks some major booty.  The Escapist interviewed the independent lawyer behind the lawsuit against a popular gold farmer company.

And this lawsuit doesn’t come from Blizzard Entertainment.  It comes from an independent individual living in Miami, Florida.  It is a Consumer class action lawsuit.  Hopefully, more and more individuals join in.

So what’s different in this lawsuit?  The lawyer is no wannabe. He is a former Federal Prosecutor who worked for Dupont and Ford General Motors. Now he works for the consumers-side. Can you picture Dr. Evil (Austin Powers)? Read the full interview.

TheEscapist: So what is the actual lawsuit – in layman’s terms?

Richard Newsome: The actual lawsuit is Hernandez v. IGE. We filed it in Miami, where IGE has offices. In layman’s terms, the core of the complaint is a consumer class action for unfair trade practices. Guys like Tony [Hernandez, the plaintiff] have paid their $15 for some entertainment, and IGE is polluting that entertainment. It’s kind of like, if someone pays for a ticket to go see a movie, and if someone else comes in behind them and kicks their seat, you can get them to stop doing that. We’re just trying to get IGE to stop kicking the seats. This is not unlike other consumer complaints where someone has paid for a service, and someone else is interfering with it. It’s really very simple.

TheEscapist: What do you hope to achieve with this lawsuit?

Richard Newsome: We want to make IGE stop kicking the seat – stop polluting the service that’s been paid for. We’re going to get an injunction. We pleaded for money damages, but the No. 1 goal that we really want is to make them stop. And that’s obviously going to be an intense fight.

By Medievaldragon

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