Gamestar: Starcraft II Preview & Browder Interview

A fan gave a heads up that Gamestar Magazine (Germany) September 2007 edition will feature a Starcraft II preview and a interview with Dustin Browder at page 42.  The preview will contain 12 pages.  The magazine will be on sale next Wednesday on July 25th.

Details to be updated soon.

Starcraft 2: Alle reden davon, aber niemand hat es bisher gespielt. Damit ist jetzt Schluss: Lesen Sie bei uns, wie Starcraft 2 wirklich funktioniert.

Thanks, Chillischote.

This is a rough, maybe inaccurate translation of the online preview:

Dustin Browder became the Lead designer of Starcraft 2 when he joined Blizzard on March 14, 2005. He worked previously for Electronic Arts, among other things, on Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth.

Gamestar: Dustin, Starcraft 2 is not particularly innovative. Why do you orient so closely to the predecessor and do so without world-moving innovations?

Dustin Browder: We work at present on innovations for the single-player campaigns and multiplayer in

Gamestar: The core of the play does not remain the same as with Warcraft III, for example, with a fourth race. Why?

Dustin Browder: Because we decided to prepare and deepen the differences between the three races. This entirely different three races were one of the largest innovations in the first Starcraft. We believe that we can still develop this strength.

Gamestar: How do you tackle?

Dustin Browder: With the new units and special abilities. Think about the Protoss’ Warp talent which grants the Protoss completely new tactics. In addition the battlefield plays a larger role, because some ground troops can overcome obstacles, for example the Protoss Colossus.

Gamestar: How do you decide, which ideas come into play?

Dustin Browder: We don’t insert random innovations without questioning among us whether they are also meaningful. Then we test carefully and discard concepts, if they do not please us.

Gamestar: With the Warcraft series Blizzard was however more courageous and innovative. Warcraft III introduced among other things heroes, who gain experience. Why doesn’t Starcraft?

Dustin Browder: With Starcraft 2, we want to retain evenly the play feeling of its predecessor: The first part is a first-class real time strategy game without radical innovations, an outstanding basis for a worthy successor.

Gamestar: Starcraft 2 will presumably come out on 2008…

Dustin Browder: The game will ship when it is completely finished.

Gamestar: What if Starcraft 2 becomes outdated technically by the time it ships?

Dustin Browder: The technicians refine at present the engine, with support for the new light and shade effects, explosions and more beautiful laser beams possible in today’s video cards.

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