E3 2007 - Starcraft II

Gamespot interviewed Rob Pardo on their E3 live broadcast show at 2pm PDT. I just watched it.  Jim Raynor, Zeratul and Kerrigan will be part of the Starcraft II in-game storyline.  Blizzard plans to add some exciting in-game cutscenes to tell the story enhancing the formula used in the Warcraft III single player, and strong mod support via the enhanced and more powerful World Editor that will allow modders to use many new features to build their own Starcraft II mod.  Rob Pardo said that Battle.net has been modified a lot in its transition from Starcraft to Warcraft III, adding Match Making.  Expect a whole better match making and competitive gameplay features with the release of Starcraft II.

I don’t know if I understood the next part right, but seems there will be support to playing mods on Battle.net—apologies if I got it wrong.  Gamespot showed a Live broadcast from E3, where they interviewed Rob Pardo (VP of Game Design).  Rob Pardo answered at least three questions submited online live by fans.

I will update you whether Gamespot releases a download version of this live stream.  Nothing much was revealed and as usual the game will be released: “When it is done”.  Not on 2007 however.

Gamespot has a new Starcraft II Impressions article

And three new screenshots dated 7/11/2007 …

Image# 1 shows the Protoss Phoenix engaging a large pack of Mutalisks, while in the ground Zealots and canons defend the perimeter from a Zergling attack.  The screenshot doesn’t specify if these are Phase Canons or normal canons.  You can also see the new model of Protoss probes on the bottom left near the nexus.

Image# 2 finally shows a close up on the Protoss Reavers. They have changed a bit in looks.  The screenshot shows two angles of the Reaver, from the top view and a side view.  You can also see a new Protoss building with strange features.  It looks like a large tower with a pylon at the top.  You can find them at the top center and another at the bottom left corner. I don’t think this building has been revealed yet.

Image# 3 shows a close up of the Terran Command Center, Supply Depots, Barracks and the Barrack Addon.  You can also see the Tempest in action as well as the new yellow crystals that SCVs, Drones and Probes can mine for increased mineral output.

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