Diablo II Q&A - Chris Metzen (unanswered)


1. If Inarius and other angels are powerful enough to have been able to create Sanctuary, is it possible that other realms similar to it can exist?

2. Given Diablo’s propensity for possessing mortal beings, was it necessarily the end for him once his soulstone was destroyed?

3. Will we begin to see more of the political structures of both the High Heavens and the Burning Hells delved into more, lore-wise, either on upcoming novels or games?

4. While Lilith’s motivations in helping to create Sanctuary was the assembly of an army, what was Inarius’s intentions creating Sanctuary? Which side is he on?

5. Now that Baal, Mephisto and Duriel are dead what powers are left?

6. What are the chances of learning some more about Belial / Azmodan, their roles in the Civil War in Hell against the Prime Evils, and their possible roles in future literature / games?

7. Is the Pandemonium Event canon?

8. Did Izual willingly leave the ranks of Heaven, or was he actively corrupted by the Three?

9. Can a demon be “un-corrupted/purified/redeemed” in a similar fashion as well by the agents of Heaven?

10. Does the Angiris Council have a superior?

11. Are there any dragons besides Trag’Oul in the world, otherwise, what was his origin?

12. Are the Amazon gods Ancients much like Rathma and Bul-Kathos?

13. Will Tyrael become corrupt after destroying the corrupted Worldstone?

14. What happened to the other lesser evils that stayed in Hell while all this Diablo/Mephisto/Baal/Duriel/Andariel was going on in Sanctuary? Did the lesser evils get stronger? Were they too overthrown when Diablo reached Hell? What happened? Are the lesser evils still even alive?

15. Will the destruction of the Worldstone result into a “merge” (as in “breaking the barrier between the 2 worlds”) of Sanctuary and Hell, or even High Heavens?

16. If the partial purpose of the Worldstone was to contain or make the heritage of the Nephalem dormant, does it mean their powers will awake after the destruction of the Worldstone?

17. Not much is know about Duriel The Prince of Pain, can you elaborate upon his role in hell and possibly his origins?

18. Did the lesser evils return to hell after they were destroyed on the mortal plane?

19. What is the purpose of the standard of heroes and is there a reason for the lvl 90 requirement? Do you ever plan on giving a use to the standard of heroes?

20. Is there a story behind the hellfire torch, and if so can you elaborate on the subject?

21. Who was the ‘canon hero’ at the end of Diablo 2? In Diablo 1 it was the Warrior with the Sorcerer and the Rouge helping him along the way. in Diablo 2, who was this person? The Paladin? Or maybe the Necromancer?

22. If Bul Kathos united the 12 barbarian clans and became king, what happened when he died? did the clans seperate again?

23. We know Cain survived the destruction of tristram, and that Wirt and Griswod did not, but what about the other citizens of tristram? Adria? Farhnam? Ogden? Gillian? and Pepin? are we to assume they are some of the bodies in Tristram in Diablo II or did they escape?

24. The Necromancers are said to live in an unground city in the jungles, does this city have a name?

25. The Barbarian History page in the manual and on the Arreat Summit website says that they have a rich cultural and spiritual history, what are some of their customs?

26. The Diablo world has a Heaven and Hell, but do the peoples of Sanctuary believe they will go to either of them when they die? Or do the various peoples have their own beliefs regarding an afterlife?

27. Where is Adria the Witch, and the other NPCs from Diablo I that appear to be missing?

28. In Diablo 1 you fought the Warlord of Blood. This is but one name Bartuc was known by, Bartuc appears in Act 5 of Lord of Destruction. Now unless Baal ressurected Bartuc after you killed him in Diablo 1, how is he in two places at the same time? or is the warlord of blood simply a manifestation of Bartuc in his armor?


29. Blizzard released a no-cd patch for Starcraft: Brood War and Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos recently. Will Diablo II: Lord of Destruction get a no-cd patch too?  If so, will this new patch contain bug fixes or new features such as new items, unique monsters or else?

30. Are there plans for a new ladder season?

31. Is Blizzard going to fix Paladins with the Smite ability? Currently fighting the Ubers has no point since Paladins with Smite solo it.

32. Classes like the sorceress, Amazon, Druid, Assassin, and well every class expcet for the barbarian are capable of doing excessive amounts of damage, yet the barbarian does so little? Are there any plans to increase the barbarian’s damage somehow?

33. Is there more to the “uber” monsters than we know already, and where did they come from?

34. What do you believe makes Diablo II’s gameplay so addicting?


35. What were some memorable things that you / the devs wanted in the game that didn’t make the cut?

36. How hard was it coming up with the visual designs of the Great Evils? (Could we see old concept of the Great evils, and those concepts that didn’t make it to the final release?)

37. Can you describe the process for creating a new Evil/Greater Demon?

38. What happened to Diablo II: Salvation and why was it not mentioned among the cancelled games at D.I.C.E. 2008?

39. If Diablo II: Salvation is a cancelled project, will fans get to read its lore on a novel pretty much the same way Warcraft: Lord of the Clans did?

40. Why hasn’t Blizzard released any news concerning Diablo II or the next Diablo game in such a long period of time?

41. Does Blizzard think there’s anything more to tell in the Diablo story, taking in mind that the three prime evils are now dead including “Diablo”?

42. Are there plans to introduce Warden into Diablo II: Lord of Destruction?

43. What features would Blizzard have liked to add to Diablo 2 and its expansion that you did not have time to, or decided to cut out before the release?

44. How often does the Diablo team work on a new patch, and what do the people working on the patches want to achieve over time?

45. How large is the Diablo team at the moment?

46. Is Team 3 working on a Diablo game?

47. Does Blizzard plan to simultaneously work with a Diablo 3 RPG and a MMO the way Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft were planned from the beginning, lorewise (according to BlizzCast episode 2) ?

48. Can we expect a Diablo title announcement by WWI Paris? (holds breath and crosses fingers)


49. Is the Warlord of Blood in Diablo I the real Warlord of Blood? Or just some sort of imitation derived from Prince Albrecht’s imagination?

50. How long is the time-gap between Diablo and Diablo II?

51. How long is the time-gap between Act IV and Act V? (In other words, how long after Diablo is defeated does it take Marius to end up in an Asylum and for Baal to find him?

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