Dalaran Screenshots - Wrath of the Lich King Beta

Rhonin and the main chamber of Dalaran haven’t been added in the current beta build. Access to the palace is blocked by a wall where the doorway should be.

Many Wrath of the Lich King beta players have been pondering how to get into Dalaran. This article will offer a tour for both: Beta testers and non-beta testers. The first thing you must know is that Dalaran is in the southern area of the Storm Peaks. How do I get there?—you ask. Through Dragonblight. The fastest way to get there is the Crystal Vice which is at the north edge of Dragonflight (center of the map). Once you have seen the map at that link, you take that path and it will take you into Storm Peaks.

If you are in Zul’Drak, the best way to get to Dalaran would be taking the road north of Ebon Watch which leads into the Crystalsong Forest.  You will find your way into Storm Peaks faster from Zul’Drak.

The normal Storm Peaks map hasn’t been added yet by Blizzard on the current beta build. However, it doesn’t take a telepath to get the facts. Once in Storm Peaks look above your head. You will see a huge city on a floating rock.  Walk toward it and follow the river. Right beneath Dalaran you will find a metalic blue triangle hovering above the ground. Click it. That is the Dalaran teleport crystal as shown in the image below.


The NPC you meet right away will offer you a quest. Free XP so take it. She will ask you to teleport down and up again like a good Engineer Scotty. There are two things you must know about the way Dalaran was designed. The first one is that you can either walk in by teleporting from beneath using the teleport, or you can grab the flightpath. It is right east of the teleportation room. You will see a building with two inner spiral-stairs. Remember: east of the mini-map. I am positioned at the teleportation room here.

The second thing to know is that Dalaran is split in two faction areas the way Shattrath City is for the Scryers and Aldor.  This time around it is split between Alliance and Horde factions: The Silver Covenant Blood Mages will only allow Alliance players through. If you are Horde, the guards will teleport you a few yards away from the entrance. The Silvermoon City Blood Mage guards will only allow Horde players through. Alliance resides on the northwestern Dalaran. Horde resides on the northeastern Dalaran. Both sides have their own bank and their own innkeeper. Both sides where you see these guards will have a teleport area to all major cities.

Below you have a link showing you over 80 screenshots of Dalaran. Some screenshots show you scenarios, NPCs or the new Alchemist recipes. The next update will be Dragonblight on Monday. Tell your friends and guild members to visit Blizzplanet for your Wrath of the Lich King beta updates.

By Medievaldragon

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