Burning Crusade: Updates Coming (Spoilers)

I have taken few videos of dungeons, and screenshots.  After a marathon of 24 hours to reach level 70 in one day and few hours, I acquired my 60% speed Flying Mount.  Flying is just awesome.  All you need to fly is jump, and use the mouse the same way you dive in the lakes and seas. The height you can reach up in the sky is impressive.  You can dismount in the air and free fall if you are a Mage or Priest. Or plunge into the water from high above.  Fun sport.  To keep a diagonal-up course just keep the jump button down while on auto-run.  To land just touch the ground and it is seemless landing requiring no buttons to fly off or to land.  If you are running on your flying mount and go over the edge, you won’t fall off.  It auto starts flying.

Reaching level 70 was important for me in compiling info and coverage for Blizzplanet. After 10 trials against Kargath Bloodfist, we were victorious.  It is a very challenging battle.  The Tank needs to pull him to a corner. Everyone else has to be on the opposite wall of the arena.  While Kargath is on the tank, everyone else has to kill Shattered Hand Assassins that enter the arena.  Trust me it was tough.  When mobs were killed we had to DPS Kargath, with whatever short-lapse of breath we had.  The challenging part though is when Kargath starts the dance event.  He charges everyone within 40 yards at least twice or three times lowering your health to around 10% or death. Healers will be in a world of pain here in the Shattered Halls dungeon-wing of Hellfire Citadel.  The prior boss is a two-headed ogre at the center of an arena.  He fears, and blast wave fire-damage.  His weapon does shadow damage, and after a while he deaggros the tank and picks a random player beating him to death.  No clue how to avoid death though.  With a healing potion and spamming flash heal on myself until mana depleted, I wasn’t able to survive, nor the tank able to get aggro until he was done.  Mad DPS and dots was the only way we could take him down.

From there, I moved to The Botanica wing of Tempest Keep.  The place looks gorgeous. The artists really made a good work. There we found out that the Blood Elves, Satyrs and the Burning Legion are working together for a purpose yet to be known.  Beware the flesh-eaters—you will need mad Crowd Control with them. They chew a tank in three seconds.  We had no mage, so it was a painful lesson.  A High Botanist Freywinn mob which fought like a mini-boss really got us on our toes.  After a while, he shapeshifts into a Treant form which in turn summons those living-flower mobs, Frayer Protectors—looking alike those in Un’Goro Crater.  They do fair damage, however, make sure to keep dotting the boss.  He does some sort of Druid tranquility to heal himself—which stretched the time the fight lasted.  If you don’t have mana regen gear with plus healing stats, you will be drained of mana.  After defeating this annoying mob, we fought a Satyr.  The Satyr boss does Hellfire (AOE), similar to Warlock’s immolation, doing 700 damage—and he spams it like five times or more. Shielding the tank helped, however, Rogues need to run away asap in and out.  There is an ability we were not sure how works. His hands glow and casts sacrifice pact.  It seems if a player dies, he gains an x amount of health. Whatever it was, the tank couldn’t contain aggro while Sacrifice is up.  On a third try, we bagged him and got his phat loots.

After getting our booty handed back to us by the flesheaters, with all our gear broken, we split.  I joined a Caverns of Time: Opening the Dark Portal dungeon group.  I had done it many times since level 66, but never got as far as I did this time.  It is a very long event.  We had to report a bug, where we did not get credit for the success of the event, helping Medivh to open the Dark Portal.  However, the experience and knowledge acquired from the event was priceless.  It is one of the most challenging events that again will require players to get mana regen, critical strike and plus Healing and damage gear to keep up.  I am spoiling briefly what’s up because it will take me some time to edit, prepare and upload all these videos.  For lore buddies, at level 70 I acquired a new quest for Caverns of Time: Mount Hyjal dungeon. It goes like this =)

The Vials of Eternity

Soridormi: Seven vials were drawn from the Well of Eternity by Illidan.  He poured three into the lake on top of Mount Hyjal and a second Well of Eternity was created.  For years the rest were believed lost.

With the opening of the Dark Portal, we’ve come to know that he gave one each to his lieutenants Kael’Thas and Vashj.  Retrieve what remains of them; we will need them as foci to open a gateway to any events tied to Mount Hyjal, recent or ancient.  The outcome of the Battle of Mount Hyjal must be preserved.

Rewards 20g 55s

Requirements:  Soridormi at Caverns of Time wants you to retrieve Vashj’s Vial Remnant from Lady Vashj at Coilfang Reservoir and Kael’s Vial Remnants from Kael’Thas Sunstrider at Tempest Keep.

Update: Tried Kharazhan.  It looks like a very hardcore place as rumors had gone.  Broken gear attempting the first boss on the stables: a horse named Midnight.  At around 90% or so, his owner comes into the room to kill cloth-players in one strike.  It will require a good tank to take the new add, and healers going around the clock to keep him alive.  Did I mention that if you fail once you have to clear again?

Video coming soon to share the soreness.

By Medievaldragon

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