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If you have wondered why the news have been idle last 4 days, then you are short in imagination. Of Course, what else?  Burning Crusade fever, oh yeah! Draiken and myself are roaming the forests of Quel’Thalas and the Ghostlands to bring you some sneak previews of what you should expect in this upcoming expansion.

I was mercifully able to transfer my level 60 Undead Priest to the Hellfire (PvE) Server. It takes two days before I am able to play it. Hopefully today I will be able to explore Outland.  By now, two days later, I am a level 17 Blood Elf (Male) named Medievalboy. Lorekeepers? You are up for a treat. If you read Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy, you should know that Dar’Khan seems not to have died for long.  Rumors are he may have returned from the death. I am a quest away from finding out.  I require to destroy the twin Ziggurats in the Ghostlands to claim a reward that is meant to kill Dar’Khan.

The Blood Elves’s Blood Knights have become somewhat cynical about their grief.  They blame the light they so revered for centuries for failing them when most they needed it before the onslaught of Arthas. Now they claim the Light should pay for failing them.  Kael’Thas has sent with Rommath a gift to the Blood Elves left behind in Azeroth … a breath-taking Naaru at least 50 feet tall is held prisoner inside Silvermoon City (the equivalent to Orgrimmar and Undercity).  Four Blood Elves cast continually a torrent of red magic to hold the Naaru prisoner in stasis.  The Blood Knights (Paladins) need to take a small amount of the Light off Naaru into a container and deliver it to the Paladin trainer at level 10. Thereof you gain the ability to resurrect a friendly fallen.  They now claim to have reached the top of their fruition by conquering the Naaru and the light for the grandeour of their race. If High Elves were considered arrogant, they just maxed it to its limits.  Mysteriously, a Succubi is found in a room within Silvermoon city inspecting the sweatshop of … Leper Gnomes crafting tailoring and other products. Obviously the work of Blood Elf Warlocks. You will also find within Ghostlands undead elves all over the place, named Urchins.  They are the equivalent to Human Ghouls. The Blood Elves are growing suspicious of Alliance spies after finding Night Elves infiltrating some of the Sanctum towers. And have decided to kill a Prospector Dwarf explorer for treason. Kinda good Prospector Brann Bronzebeard wasn’t around. He has survived Trolls in the jungle of Stranglethorn Vale and Zul’Gurub, the Scourge and Nerubians in Northrend, the Naga in the Maelstrom, and C’thun’s Ahn’Qiraj forces, but to the arrogance and dark cynism of the Blood Elves … who knows what his fate could have been.

All of Silvermoon forests down to Ghostlands have the mark of Arthas’ passing through the magical forests in his quest to reach the Sunwell.  The dead scar can be seen in the map south to north across both regions as a dark legacy and reminder of that day. A scorched path with thousands of skeletons laying on the ground.

There seems to be at least two operational ancient Runestones, and you are asked to help restore another one to the east.  The Blood Elf claims the runestones will halt the advance of the Scourge temporarily. As for the Amani Trolls, there are many villages along the eastern reaches of Silvermoon and Ghostlands. And plenty of grieving quests to pay them a visit.  The Headhunters look exactly as the Trolls you commanded in Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness. A nice treat for nostalgia. They are very bulked up in comparison to the Darkspear trolls.  Huge and thick beasts. You will note to the east a huge gate with a raid portal … wonder what it is?  You got it:  Zul’Aman instance. And who would miss the … GRloorwglrglgl Morlocs on the western coast? According to investigations the Morlocs may contain a mysterious source that prevents them from becoming Undead. You are asked to bring their spine marrow to analyze them. The Blood Elf wonders how such a lesser being is able to deflect the Undeath plague. Something tells me there is something in the depths of the Great Sea, which they serve, whom may be to blame.

Be ready for the spanking of your World of Warcraft life as a Blood Elf once you reach the Ghostlands. At level 12-17 you should be looking up behind your shoulders 24/7.  There is a huge level 21 (elite) Abomination roaming west to east on the road.  And another elite Abomination roaming the Dead scar south to north.  If you hated the Son of Arugal with all your guts, wait till you see these two goliaths.  Good part is they are very slowly roaming the roads. However, if you aren’t alert and with your camera set to the max distance, it may sneak on you from behind without you noticing.

I will reach level 20 to start pumping content of the Burning Crusade. The first thing I will gather is the Jewelcrafting recipes you may acquire from the trainer up to Master Jewelcrafting.  I heard there is a Grand Master in Outlands leveling your skill from 300-375. Those who wish to take the path of the Jewelcrafter will be greeted with being able to create a stone statue that heals you for a short amount and only requires 10 stones from mining.  Expect images and content of Jewelcrafting in the next couple of days.

And although the Burning Crusade guide by Bradygames will do a better job when the game goes retail, for now I will attempt to create a map of where to find NPCs, Class trainers and Profession trainers within the Silvermoon City. Draiken will be pumping out new articles and cover Jewelcrafting often as well.

By Medievaldragon

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