Burning Crusade: Crowd Control Nerf on Arena

Blizzard plans to use the nerf bat on Crowd Control in the Arena planned at the Burning Crusade expansion. Whether it will be implemented in Battleground as well is undetermined, but seems it may head that way as well. Priests, and Mages will be the most affected by this crowd control nerf, but from the point of view of Warriors, Rogues, and Hunters the crowd control will be rather a “Finally”-unison-shout and blessing. Fear sometimes lasts longer than it should in PvP affecting up to five players that are vulnerable to attack. I am a Undead Priest and I was the terror of Alterac Valley fear-bombing every 30 seconds.  So I may tell for experience as a Priest that I grieved a lot of people. As a Holy Priest, I reached exalted at Arathi Basin within 3-4 weeks in record time, winning approximately 85% of the time. Phear the Fear! (chuckes!). Source: Wow Forums.

Tseric: “The current plan is to reduce effectivness of crowd control spells in Arena combat. I’m not sure at the moment if this will also carry over to battlegrounds, but it is a possiblity.

What were looking into is having reduced duration of crowd control spells to prevent extended removal from combat. Outside of a PvP area such as arenas, spells will operate as normal, according to tooltip. Inside a PvP instance, a spell which may have had a 15 second duration will be reduced to a 10 or 5 second duration. The details of duration are not specific, I am merely using these numbers to illustrate the point and intent.

So, while we don’t plan on disabling CC in Arenas, we do have intent to decrease its potential for extended incapacitation.”

By Medievaldragon

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