Beta Winners: Installation Solutions

Tigerclaw posted a temporary solution for those who recently won a closed beta key through our contest.  Basically, after patch 1.12, the structure of folders in Wow were changed.  So the closed beta installer is incompatible and causes crashes at launch.  This is the workaround until a new Beta installer is released.

Tigerclaw: We’re aware of the hassle what with 1.12 being retired for 2.0.1 and the beta installer not working with 2.0.1. There is a plan to issue a revised beta installer sometime soon, but it hasn’t been built or tested yet so there is no ETA available.

It is not hard to set up a separate CB folder if you are on Intel (there is a crash bug with PowerPC on OS 10.4.8 in a couple of the intermediate patch builds, which will be addressed by a new CB installer).

1. DL the 1.12.0 installer from
2. Delete your Users/Shared/Blizzard folder
3. Run the DL’d 1.12 installer and point it at a new folder to be maintained separately for beta only.
4. After 1.12 install done, run the installed 1.12 game once, but ** don’t log on to Live with that copy ** or it will try to patch up.
5. Quit out then apply the CB installer to it, then start patching up the CB.

Mac Users have a more complicated problem however:

Tigerclaw: Well, we are working on a new one-step installer for CB, but I do not have an ETA on its arrival.

Choices include
a) wait for that new installer and start fresh
b) install existing BC on an Intel Mac and then copy it over
c) install OS X 10.4.7 on your G5; the BC beta install problem is unique to 10.4.8.

It’s more complicated than we would like, but this is beta software after all.
Quite messy – but it can be done.

If you wish tech support email:
By Phone: (949) 955-1382
By Web:
Beta Forums:

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