April’s Fool Galore

Blizzard Entertainment is having fun fooling people in April’s Fool day. Something that would be interesting is if the Tauren Marine will actually be added to the Starcraft 2 StarEdit.  The Goblin Hero and Pandaren were originally April’s Fool jokes that were implemented to Warcraft III.

And did you catch that Diablo easter egg at the Tauren Marine page?  “There is a cow level.” hmm…

Another favorite one is the new Wrath of the Lich King Hero Class: The Bard.  It is an easter egg commemorating the Activision Blizzard merge.  The in-game graphics displayed shows the Guitar Hero interface. Did you catch the new Wrath of the Lich King haircuts?

Introducing the Diablo Loot Piñata

The Diablo Loot Piñata provides the same fun and excitement as traditional piñatas while also letting longtime Diablo players relive their epic battles with the Prime Evil. Learn more about our exciting new Diablo merchandise on the Diablo Loot Piñata information page.

New StarCraft II Unit – Tauren Marine

We have added a new terran unit, the tauren marine.

In the old Confederacy, terran marines were mostly criminals or rebels who had undergone mandatory neural resocialization. Freed from any previous allegiances or ideologies, these fearless soldiers stood ready to defend Confederate interests with their lives but exhibited an annoying tendency toward petty larceny, vandalism, and occasional cannibalism. Confederate authorities were unable to requisition enough reliable troopers in this way, and eventually recruiters turned to a new source of fresh meat for the grinder.

Read more about the tauren marine here. We have also added two new pieces of artwork and three new screenshots.

World of Warcraft Coming to Consoles with The Molten Core™

Blizzard is proud to officially announce that World of Warcraft is entering the console gaming arena with The Molten Core! Offering engaging single- and multi-player content, The Molten Core will allow players to experience the excitement of the hit raid dungeon in a completely new format, with new challenges and new rewards.

For more information, make sure to check out our Molten Core site for screenshots, concept art, the new game’s announcement trailer, and much, much more!

New Hero Class for Wrath of the Lich King: Bard

We’ve just released a first look at the second hero class to be introduced in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – the bard.

Armed with a trusty axe, killer riffs, and a ton of attitude, the guitar-wielding bard excels both as a solo performer and as part of a solid group lineup, able to front in roles as varied as his musical repertoire.

Check out our new bard information page now!

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